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ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- A young boy is lucky to be alive after performing a stunt that went horribly wrong.

Sammy Aponte, 11, was rushed to the hospital after he nearly hanged himself.

He is listed in critical, but stable condition.

Police said they responded to a call at 139 James Street in Allentown around 6:00 last night.

Sammy's parents told 69 News he loved to practice stunts and the one he tried last night could have killed him.

My son said, Daddy, Sammy hung himself, got caught in the bed or whatever, said Ruben Santiago. I'm not afraid to say that I ran every stoplight from Whitehall to get here.

Here ended up being the bedroom of Ruben Santiago and Emily Alkhao's son Sammy.

Moments before, Santiago said Sammy was practicing stunts with his brothers off the top bunk, got tangled in a belt, and nearly hung himself, save for his grandmother's quick reaction.

Sammy was taken to the hospital for an overnight stay.

Santiago said Sammy is okay, but his parents know it could have been a different story.

They said stunts, especially ones from the MTV movie Jackass and on YouTube were a favorite of Sammy's, who oftentimes did his own. Santiago said those days are over.

Learn from my experience, said Santiago. Thank God nothing happened.

Sammy's parents caution others to always watch their kids.

According to a study by Safe Kids out of Kansas, three million kids head to the emergency room every year due to accidental injuries happening at home.


These morons not only allowed their child watch inappropriate TV, they fostered a dangerous situation. I've watched those shows. They're crassly funny. They are also definitely inappropriate. They foster dangerous notions in a direct way, different from oh say a Die Hard movie.

These parents not only allowed him to watch that crap, they were proud of his daredevil antics.

Those shows, to me, are dangerous in a physical way.

There are other shows that are dangerous in a different way. Sexy shows. I don't watch many shows that feature a lot of sex but lets face it, we all know they're out there. They aren't watched here.

I know the mexican families here love their novelas (day time soaps) the couple I've seen are crazy with sex. I've never really been into american soaps but the few times I've seen them - people are being betrayed and there is sex.

How many moms sit the baby/toddler/small child in the livingroom while they iron/fold clothes and watch their soaps? I dunno. maybe I'm projecting to much. I do know I don't care for the frivolous and cavalier way those shows portray sex. Its not something I want my kids to copy or get the idea that its ok, or common.

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Lisamarie - posted on 03/04/2010




Hi, I totally agree! I have a 3 year old daughter and a 8 month old son and if the TV is on and they're not in bed it's always childrens TV for their age groups!

I was stunned by my SIL when I asked what programs my nephew likes to watch and she replied, "Oh, he doesn't really watch childrens TV, he sits and watches Jeremy Kyle with me." !!! (A daytime chat show that talks about drug addictions, lie detector and DNA test) I couldn't believe it.

I, personally, hate them types of violent programs and especially when they are inflicting pain on themselves and eachother. Why would you do that to yourself and why would anyone let their child watch that??

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