Ingrid Bettencourt -- Is she an idol or looking for fame?

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I am watching Oprah right now, she's doing an interview with Ingrid Bettencourt. She was running for president of Columbia when she and her campaign manager were abducted by the gorilla group called the FARC, after demanding the stop of kidnapping 2 days previously. She was held captive for 6 and a half years. She has wrote a book called "Even Silence Has An End." Her fellow captives have also written memoires (sp?). In her books and interviews she comes off as a strong woman, an idol of survival and courage. In her fellow captives recollections, they describe her as bitter, angry and the representation of death.

They say that she put their lives in danger by being disobidient. They say she was given special treatment and that she was selfish. She would be given a bigger portion of food but wouldn't share. She would steal radio's and machette's in attempts to escape. The one man said that she is the most vile and ugly person he had ever known (coming from a guy who was being held captive by gorilla soldiers, in the jungles of Columbia, that says a lot).

On the other hand, she says that she loves all of those people. She called them family. She said that she spent more time with those 14 people than she had ever spent with any other person in her life, not her family or her husband or anyone.

Do you think these people are hero's? Should women like Ingrid, her campaign manager and the other captives who shared their story, be considered heroic survivors, idols and proof of humanities will and desire to survive? Or is all of this a publicity thing, trying to milk fame and fortune out of a horrible situation?

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I'm sure in her mind disobedience WAS strength...whether or not her fellow prisoners perceived it that way is a different story.

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I can see how it takes strength and a lot of it but I don't think I would go so far as to say hero or idol. As for sharing their story, I think they should because it could help someone survive in the future just knowing what these people went through and survived.

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