Interspecies friendship

JuLeah - posted on 05/20/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




This is not really a debate, but interesting. I am a recent foster mother to a Russian tortoise we call Harry. My cat, Penelope completely loves him. On his first day here she selected her favorite stuffed mouse and brought it to him to play with. When he's out walking around she follows him, lays down next to him, and nudges veggies over his way while he's eating.

Well, Harry is a bit ill and out having a medical procedure done. He'll be back in a couple of days, but Penelope is freaking. She is pacing back and forth in front of his cage, keeps standing on her hind legs to look in, and then looks at me for an explanation. I don't speak cat.

I am wondering if any of you have interspecies friendship stories to share.


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Sharon - posted on 05/21/2011




Hmm nothing special at my house. I've got a goose who adopted some baby ducks.

She takes great care of them and its cute as hell. But its a goose to ducks, not that big a stretch.

I dunno think the weirdest interspecies relationships are between our pets and ourselves, really.

Nikki - posted on 05/20/2011




When I was little I had a dog and a rabbit, they used to play together and sleep together for years. It all happened when the rabbit escaped out of his hutch one day and we couldn't catch him, after a few weeks of watching them play nicely we let them go and didn't worry about putting the rabbit back in his house. Unfortunately a few years later after all this time playing together and sleeping next to each other my dog killed the rabbit and ate him. (yes we did feed the dog) not sure what happened, lovers tiff maybe. It was rather traumatic as a child.

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