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Are you of the mind that children should not interrupt adult conversations? Or do you put everything on hold to hear what has to be said?

How do you handle it?


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Sharon- It isn't plagarized if she's giving credit to the source. It would be plargarism if she tried to pass it off as her own. What's up all this hate? Come on, be nice!

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I'm trying to teach a technique for this very situation. When my three year old wants my attention, I want her to put her hand on my arm as a signal that she has something to say. When there is a natural break in conversation, I acknowledge her.

Marina, I don't know. With my nieces and nephews I say, "Wait just a minute, baby, let us finish talking." But with non-relatives, I just let the mom handle it and try to be patient. It's not really my place to parent them (unless there is danger).


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No, they shouldn't interrupt. That's just RUDE! Do you really want them to carry this trait with them throughout their entire lives? Ohmystars :) NO. I was taught to say 'Mom' or 'Dad' so they know I wanted to talk, they'd know I was there and then I'd wait patiently until they finished a few sentences or a phone call....... worked out very nicely and I will do this with my children. There's just no need for bratty behavoir

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I expect respect from a child. If that child doesn't want me to turn and walk off or start talking to someone else when they are trying to talk to me then they can learn to wait or ask politely and then wait. If my 4 year old can do it then so can any other child that age or older. If a child interrupts and their parent doesn't, at least gently, reprimand them then the next time the child does it I will cut off mid sentence of what I am saying and do it for them. I simply say; "Excuse me I am talking first. I need you to wait until I am done and THEN you can ask whatever you want." I then turn back and repeat what I stopped in the middle of and finish my conversation. It isn't to much to ask for children to have manners and respect.

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Oh finally! An honest and refreshing question that wasn't utterly 100% plagiarized from another published site!

Thank you!

the interrupting thing was irritating. But mine learned the "only interrupt if its important." rule pretty quickly.

If they didn't barge right into the conversation with trivial nonsense, I'd give them my attention. Some things are time sensitive and for a child, very important. "can I watch hannah montana when it starts in a few minutes?"

If it was "I went potty." and this was not a revelation or long awaited break through, it was ignored and the child redirected and/or admonished. The "mommy look at me!" simply for the sake of attention = disciplined immediately. That shit bugs the fuck out of me.

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It's definitely something that has to be handled in a balanced manner. I've seen some kids who are awful for interrupting.

But I've also seen some parents who are really inconsiderate of their kids. The poor kid will try to say something, the parent will scold them for interrupting, and will then proceed to yammer on with his or her friend, either on the phone or in person, for the next half-hour or more, completely ignoring the fact that their child has something to say.

So yeah, it's rude to interrupt, but if someone wants to say something to you, even if you're in another conversation, it's rude to make that person (no matter their age) wait for an unduly long amount of time.

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We have this issue. My 2yo interrupts a lot and it drives me crazy. It's not just that she's interrupting an adult conversation either. She has such a dominant personality she will interrupt other kids too. I am trying to teach her to say 'excuse me' and wait to be invited into the conversation. Sometimes she remembers, and sometimes she doesn't.

But at the end of the day, she is only 2. She's not doing it to be rude or obnoxious. A 4-5yr doing it is another story. I have been in situations where a friend's older child continuously interrupts and it is unbelievably annoying. I have gently reminded them that I am talking to their Mummy and they need to wait a moment. If it was a stranger, I would keep my mouth shut.

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I think kids should learn not to interupt. It shows respect and it will also teach them that when they get older, that they shouldn't be interupted either. Although, I think depending on the age of the child, we shouldn't expect it. Just keeping telling them not to interupt.

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So, if you have another mother that you are trying to talk to, and every few minutes her child comes over and interrupts her, how do you handle that???

My son is getting very bad at interrupting. I am trying to teach him, that what he has to say is very important, but don't interrupt.

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No They shouldnt interrupt IMO, and we shouldnt interupt if they are talking to an adult. I see this at my daughters daycare alot and I dont speak when the kids are speaking to her, and if her children or the other kids interrupt she just says to them that its rude and they are not to speak when other people are speaking. With my daughter I tend to yell which I dont actually mean to do, its just you can only keep talking over someone for so long. She kind of adapted it and now when she speaks and me or my husband say something back she yells "No I was talking to daddy"

[deleted account] son is constantly interrupting and we are *trying* to be patient by ignoring him so I can finish another conversation with an adult. I am constantly reminding my son to not interrupt when someone else is speaking. It's a struggle. Hopefully something to work on over the summer.

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