Is ET really out there?! or is it a bunch of BS

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I came across this on yahoo……food for thought

Im by no means a conspiracy theorist, but I do think it’s possible that life in some form could be out in the many galaxies that are in the universe, but what if the government did do the cover ups consisting of all things (ufo, ET) related….. “So not to scare” us citizens, or they just feel that we don’t need to know about that….who really knows, but they have covered many of things in the past……

It got me thinking….. would I want to know if there were other intelligent beings??? something that looks so diffrent from a human!!!

Im not sure, but I do believe that if anything ever came to light about intelligent life….the religious would world be rocked …..BIG time…..especially the religions that believe there god created the earth and all things that are in it……

Then that would go into the your GOD real and if he is why didn't he put those beings in your book??


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P.S I know that was just a spew if info, and not very well written...I appogize if it doesn't make sense. I just got a little to excited about this post...LOL

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/07/2010




Well, I love this topic and could argue it till the end of time. I am a big junkie on the universe stuff. I can't get enough of it. Here is the thing, in our Galaxy alone, there are 200-400 BILLION stars in our galaxy. There are perhaps more galaxies in the universe than there are stars in our galaxy. That being said, just imagine how many other planets are just in our galaxy that we cannot see, let alone all the others. It would be completely egotistical to even think for a moment that we are it....that would actually be sad. I agree with Cathy, it would be a dissapointment if we were all that the almighty God could come up with. A said in the movie "contact" "if we were it, that would be an aweful waste of space". As far as the bible goes, it is taken way to literally...

The earth was supposedly made in 5 days, on the 6th day man was made, and the 7th day God rested.....if you take those numbers into perspective of the whole universe.....time wise the earths 1 year is like a second in the in universes time it may have only been 7 actuallity billions of years...get it??? So much easier to have this debate in person. Anyhow, the bible is written by men, over 2,000 years ago..and also as been translated to death. That long ago..wasn't it believed that the sun revolved around us???

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Yes I think that there is a lot of other life out there. Most of the top Astrophysicists agree. That is why they started the SETI Institute. They actually broadcast out into space. Recently Stephen Hawking has ask them to stop because he believes that we might not want to meet these aliens. Neil Degrasse Tyson also agrees.

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With the billions of other planets out there it would be more shocking if there was no other life out there.

I think another reason for not telling us if we've made contact is to protect them. We're kinda jerks to other life and with our obsessive media those aliens would be flat out stalked.

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I don't believe in the bible ( just a story book) so I don't take it as a crediable source as to whether there is other life out there or not. I do believe that there is life on other planets in other galaxies...and we are just as easily the "aliens" to them :)

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Amie said it perfectly for me.

"Hypothetically speaking: if they are real….for instance in the Christian bible when God created heaven and earth….man and woman…..why is there no mention of ET?? if....and that is a big IF"

Because the Bible was written on earth, by men...not God.

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I half hope and half don't hope theres intelligent life out there that we'll get to meet. knowing us the first thing we'll do upon meeting an alien species is wage all out battle on them. one we probably can't win either. i personally would love to meet an alien. it would be funny if Douglas Adams was right and mice and dolphins were really aliens.

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Hypothetically speaking: if they are real….for instance in the Christian bible when God created heaven and earth….man and woman…..why is there no mention of ET?? if....and that is a big IF

Amie - posted on 08/06/2010




I think it's pretty egotistical to think we're the only intelligent beings in the ENTIRE universe.

I don't think we'll meet them in my life time, though what do I know it could happen. It may have already happened. I don't see the point in the government covering up though unless it was hostile alien life and they just did it so not to cause mass panic.

As for the God aspect. Who's to say he didn't create them as well? Who's to say he wouldn't send a messenger or Jesus again to explain it all when we do find out about said life?

I'm not religious but it could be argued either way.

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