is it just me or do most women want to kill their partners some of the time?

Rhiannon - posted on 08/22/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My partner drives me insane! He's in the army and I get to see him every weekend or so, we have a one year old together but when he comes home he is straight on the xbox or watching dvds! Not paying attention to our daughter or me.... if I leav the two of them alone together to I don't kbow have a nap or something he comes straight of the xbox and follows me with our daughter outs her down where I am and then pisses of to play video games again! Im sorry but that is annoying! He doesn't do anything! I ask him to change a nappy and he takes so long I just do it myself. Oh and another thing. MONEY! Am I the only woman who freaks out about money? The other day I caught my partner trying to sneakily buy a war hammer model that was three hundred a fifty pounds! I go crazy over money we don't have much of it and if I didn't rip his gead off all the time we would probably be starving while he goes out and gets drunk and buys video games dvds etc.... I can't be the only woman out there that wants to murder him sometimes can I? Im really starting to hate him and I don't know what im supposed to do?!?!?!?


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Jodi - posted on 08/22/2013




"It's normal to occasionally want to kill another person."

Um, no, it isn't. To get highly upset or annoyed, yes, maybe even to want to hit or slap them hard, but to want to KILL? If you feel that level of rage that you literally want to kill them, then it is not normal.

Denikka - posted on 08/22/2013




I totally understand where you're coming from.
I love my hubby, and he's okay with the kids (we have 3 of them :P). he will change diapers and get them breakfast on the weekends (he lets me sleep in when he's not working)
But he's always on the computer. He gets home from work, grabs his dinner and sits at the computer. And then doesn't get off of it until we go to bed. He almost never gets up to play with the kids and getting him to go out of the house is damn near impossible.
Not to mention that he does next to no housework. On occasion I can get him to do some laundry or dishes, but it's so half assed that I generally have to do it again, or finish up (doing laundry apparently only means switching a load over OR putting a load into the washer OR taking the clean laundry to the bedroom. Or doing dishes means emptying the dishwasher OR filling it up. Only one can be chosen :p)

And I totally hear you on the spending thing. I control the money in the house because he just has no clue. Which has been fine up until now, but we've got a roommate now and my hubby has been convincing the roomie to buy him crap and then deducting it out of what the roomie is paying us for rent. So at the end of the month when I'm expecting $200, and roomie only give me $150, I have to find that extra money somewhere. They both got an earful for that one recently.
So i totally know where you're coming from and how frustrating it is. I dunno why guys are just so clueless sometimes.

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It's normal to occasionally want to kill another person. Pretty much everyone has wanted to at some point or another. As long as it's just a passing idea that happens occasionally and doesn't become a regular thought or something that you begin fantasizing about in detail it's not something to worry about., I would consider whether the relationship you are in is one that you want to continue with though

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