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I really hope that some of our Canadian, Kiwi, Aussie, Dutch and English friends will chime in on this, because I'm really interested in what people outside of the USA think about the topic of Israel. Do you support the state of Israel? Do you believe they have the right to claim holy lands, kick Palestinians off the land, restrict their travel, not allow them to vote (because if they were, it wouldn't be a Jewish State)? The more I think about it, I believe the US is wrong in their unwavering support of Israel. I believe that Israel, in and of itself, does some really shady things and that the Palestinians are not wrong in feeling alienated and fighting against Israel's government, because they are discriminated against. Don't get me wrong, I know both sides have done bad things, and Palestine is not innocent. Any thoughts?

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I agree with you, Sara. I think the US continues to support Israel because as a "Christian Nation" (notice the tongue-in-cheek tone here) we want folks who worship the same god as us to be running things as much as possible. People have to earn their own freedom though, or else they'll just end up in chains again.

Also, do the Palestinians not have an ancient claim to the land there as well? What makes Israel's claim more valid?

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Here goes...I agree with Mary that the action was made with good intentions. I also think that Israel is painted in the media with Rose Coloured Glasses, I don't believe that everything they do is above reproach and I also believe that Palestinians are portrayed unfairly. I find it unfair that everyone who questions Israel's actions is deemed anti-semetic. My boyfriend will be angry with me for posting this if he sees it (though he does know how I feel). As he is half Jewish (cultural, not religious) he has a different viewpoint than I. (I guess that happens when you look at your family tree and know exactly what happened to them and why half of them are missing).

Sara - posted on 09/25/2009




I don't think it's realistic to give the land back. But if you ask me, the USA's position with Israel is what has caused a lot of problems in the world for's the hot button issue and I think is the core of the problem when you talk about terrorism against the United States...

ME - posted on 09/25/2009




I have trouble with this question because I think that after WWII the powers that be were trying to do something "good" to benefit the remainder of the Jewish people. It seemed like the right thing to do, and a way to bring this scattered people back together, if they wished, after so much horror. I don't think they went about it in the right way; but it is what it is now. I don't think taking the land back after 62 years is going to solve the problem. I DO think that the Palestinians get a bad rap tho...What would Americans think if someone showed up, took over Maine, and took away the rights of all of the Americans who decided to stick around? We would fight back, and we would have the right to. The tactics of the palestinians are difficult to accept, but they don't have many options, and no one is on their side.

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