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JuLeah - posted on 06/28/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )




…. The campaign, I mean.

I responded to a post from a community I don't actually belong to ... didn't know I could do that. It was a fast reaction, and got a lot of responce, but it is really not a community I want to belong to .... something tells me I am so very not welcome .... BUT, the campaign has started and so has the Obama bashing, so I wanna throw the first pitch .... maybe set the tone for less bashing????? So, yes I posted this in another community, but I kind of have a feeling that many of you don't belong to that community ......

Most Obama bashing starts with, “I’m not a racists, but …”

The only thing I am going to throw out as a ‘fact’ is that he was born in the United States of America and Hawaii IS a state.

His religion should NOT matter!!!!! I don’t care if he is Pagan, or Muslims, or Jewish (well, that’d be cool) or Buddhists, or Christian.

People accuse him of being Muslim like that is a bad thing … but they’re not bigoted.

That said, the point I really want to make it this. Why is there such a thing as a political debate?

None of us know enough ‘facts’ to debate anything.

Sure, we all watch the news, read yahoo updates, read the paper … but we all know that news sources are interested in ratings and make effort to appeal to their demographic.

The President can deliver a speech which will later be discussed on CNN or NPR, FOX news and the 700 club. From watching the news sources, you would think two different speeches were being discussed.

Facts, figures, statistics can all be twisted to say whatever the author wishes.

I have heard news sources make direct quotes that were not even actually in the speech.

So, news sources are not a reliable source for ‘factual information’

And, really, how could they be?

I mean, do we not understand that our government has information not shared with the general public?

National security means we don’t get to know all the dirty details.

So, the news sources are bias, they don’t have all the facts to report even if they were not bias, and what is our knowledge based even if we had more actual facts?

I took a few economic courses in college as was required, but ask me what I honestly understand about our economy, much less international economic issues.

How many of us really, for reals, understand what is happening in the Middle East. We all have opinions. Some of us have been there fighting, but what do we really actually know about the politics?

Even if we tapped into our nations national secrets and gained some insight, we don’t know what the others guys are really thinking.

So, what does a political debate come down to?

My opinion, emotional appeal. We like to tell ourselves we are educated, in the know, and cast our vote based on logic, but I have yet to see that pan out.

When George W ran, he was strongly supported by people who required government programs like assisted housing, SSI, and food stamps for their day to day survival. These folks supported W. even though, he promised to make huge cuts to those very programs.

That was fascinating for me to watch. I kept asking, ‘Why?” and watching such folks when interviewed on the nightly news hoping for answers.

W. ran a smart campaign. He spoke out against abortion.

Now, there was NO way he was going to actually over turn Roe vs. Wade, but he sure got people fired up about it.

W became the guy that was going to save all the unborn babies and people got behind that.

If abortion was not their thing; no big. He also talked about prayer in school, gay rights, and immigration.

Candidates appeal to our emotions. It doesn’t hurt of they are also attractive. The first televised debate between Nixon and Kennedy brought that point home.

So, to be clear, when we fight, we are not fighting over any kind of fact. We disagree in an emotional arena.

I support Obama. I don’t support him because I have vast knowledge of economics and feel his plan of action is what our country needs. I don’t support him because I agree with all he has done, is doing, overseas.

I support him because I believe he actually cares about the people of this nation. I support him because I believe he has a kind heart. I support him because I believe he takes his duty to serve this nation seriously and will do so to the best of his ability.

I support him because the alternative scares the hell out of me.


Sara - posted on 06/28/2011




Juleah, those women, especially the one you responded too, don't want to debate nor do they want to speak with anyone who doesn't agree with them. If someone actually challenged their ideas, then they'd have to admit how fucking crazy they sound. They are not representative of most conservatives, they are waaaaaay to the right. And I think the media blows it out of proportion too. Most people are moderates slightly to the left or right, but he crazies are the ones who get all the air time.

Tara - posted on 06/28/2011




Well said JuLeah!
And honestly I think I know the place which you refer to.
And all I can say is "Ignorance is bliss" and Bliss is mighty prevalent over there!!

Jodi - posted on 06/28/2011




Oh, JuLeah, if it is any consolation, I agree they are off their rocks......

Lady Heather - posted on 06/28/2011




Gah, American elections take about 50 years of bickering to complete. At least that's how it seems to me. We just have election quickies here and I find them tedious enough. Ha.

I'd totally be with you if I was voting down there though. Just can't get down with the Republican thing. Politicians say a lot of dumb shit, but the Republicans I see on the tv are generally really full of it.

Rosie - posted on 06/28/2011




i saw your comment and i have commented before in that community, but it goes on deaf ears. they have their opinion, i have mine. the alternatives scare the hell out of me as well. what some people want and believe in don't make sense to me.
the republican side of things seem so wrong to me. how anybody who is poor, or gay, or a woman, or a minority can support a republican is beyond me. how cutting taxes for the rich, increasing taxes on the middle class, and cutting funding for programs to help the poor HELPS anybody other than rich white men is beyond me. yet all these women who are supposed to be religious sit there seething about his birth certificate, or how welfare recipients are lazy no good POS, and gay people are abominations of god, like that has ANY THING to do with the constitution.
i'm tired of the idiocy of the republican movement. they care about noone in this country.


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JuLeah - posted on 06/28/2011




okay, here is an example .... I am from Eugene, OR which is making the news, well FOX news anyway.

The news stations, such as FOX, are reporting that in Eugene we passed a bill outlawing anyone from saying the pledge of allegiance before a public meeting or even in public ......

Well, reality is .... the pledge has never before been said prior to a community meeting, but somone suggested maybe it ought to be ... they took a vote and opted to say the pledge prior to meetings IF it was also close to national holiday, but not at every meeting .....

Iris - posted on 06/28/2011




That community is like a little cult. If you question what the right is doing, you don't belong. If you say something nice about the left, you are not welcome. It's not about getting the facts straight over there, it's about bashing liberals/Democrats. They are like an extension of Fox News/Beck/Limbaugh/Palin.

I agree, the news blows it out of proportion and on both sides. I can't stand it, because I feel I should have the right to get some genuine un-biased news instead of constant mud slinging from both sides.

Sara - posted on 06/28/2011




Ummm...I don't think we can say for sure in an open community without violating No THUMPS...

[deleted account]

I try to stay away form political debates. I am a Democrat, always will be. Will never ever vote Republican and rarely have nice things to say about Republicans, so I tend to stay out of political debates. I find that what I do read, well it's a bunch of ignorance. No about of FACT is going to change ignorance.

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