Its none of your Damn Business!

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We have all used or been told at one time or another “Its none of your business or “Its none of your damn business,”

But when is it really none of your business…
For examples:

-Lets say you know what the “Business” is. You happened to be around when it happened or someone told you, without you having asked what the “Business” was…does it not make it your business then?

-What if it does have something to do with you and yet you were not the main person that it happened to or that did it…or seen it..ect
Does it not make it your business then???

I have a family member that uses that word A LOT and the thing is, much of what they do involves those closes to them (Like me) but then they want to turn around and say…”Its none of your business,”

When would you consider something “None of your business,”
Is there a fine line??


Sharon - posted on 10/14/2010




It is none of my business unless it affects me directly.

If I saw it happen - its none of my business unless it affects me. BUT what if you saw a car accident? You saw the front car stop short for no good reason, causing the person behind them to rear end them? HERE the person behind is always at fault unless you can prove intent. I saw this once. The light changed, lead car started forward, then stopped dead, NO ONE expects someone to do that. I stayed to give my report because I feel its my business to defend those without the means of defense.

If I saw a coworker arguing with their spouse, its none of my business.

If my SIL were cheating on my BIL - then yeah, its moderately my business because that kind of shit will divide the entire family. Turning family gatherings into feuds. BUT it is none of my business because there is nothing I can do about it. It's their business. I can't say "you're right or wrong" until I'm called in for a deposition for the divorce proceedings.

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Louise - posted on 10/14/2010




If something has happend that involved me or my family then yes it is my business. If I am third party to something kicking off then I would not consider it my business unless I was asked for my opinion. I suppose it depends what you are talking about really if somebody was about to get hurt it is my business whether they like it or not.

[deleted account]

Yes there is. If something involves me even indirectly, family or close friends, I think it is my business. But gossip isn't my business when its about other people.

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