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A few things here: " My daughter who is seven was putting soil in a dish that had a bit of water. Apparently the water was set for the lizards when they get thirsty. A point to note is she told the children not pick the blossoms from the plants the previous evening. My husband was away and I was at the back of the house listening to her swallowing my child. She told her since she did not obey when she was told not to play in the garden she was to stay outside for the rest of the evening. " Ok, you take your kids to someone ELSE'S house, you still have to parent them. If Grandma says "you may not pick the blossoms", and you let the kids outdoors without supervision and your kid picks the blossoms, SHE SHOULD BE REPRIMANDED, as should you for not supervising your child. If you are parenting, and watching your children in a situation where you know someone is picky, then these things don't happen. If grandma is changing her story every time you turn around, call her out on it. If your husband isn't there, it doesn't take the responsibility off of you...you're still the parent.

A second note, regarding the soil/water: It doesn't matter WHY the water dish was out, it is a WATER dish, not a mudpie dish. You should have stopped your daughter.

I don't agree with grandma saying she'd lock the kid out, but she does have a point about listening and following directions. Again, YOU as the parent need to address this with the kids. At Grandma's house you abide by Grandma's rules.

If this is a consistent thing when you visit, I'd suggest that you and hubby sit down with grandma to figure out appropriate boundaries for all parties, and enforce it with your kids.

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