Just allowed my almost 12yr old to get pierced

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he is almost 12 has been asking for a year, he has been told unfortunately he will be judged and so will his parents. He still wanted it. Hes off to high school in a few weeks and i guess hes self expressing. However ive cried for 5 days thinking im a bad parent, why am I allowing what others think of me, we are great parents with A+ kids.I can hear him singing after every glimpse in the mirror. I guess it can be taken out at anytime, but he couldnt be happier, so im thinking its here to stay. I have said dont ask for anymore NOTHING till your 18.


James_stacey - posted on 12/21/2015




Sure people will talk, they always will. But set an example for your child that you don't always go with the crowd you stand out as a leader, a force to be reckoned with. Like you said it can always be taken out. At least it is not a tattoo.

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