Just curious what thoughts there are on the health care reform.

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I've been trying to follow the U.S. health care reform news as much as possible, but I'm just curious what other moms think about it. I'm especially interested in moms from other countries who have some sort of universal health care plan in place and how it's working there.

I hear "so many" people on the verge of panic about it, but I can't help think that they are being fueled by misinformation and hysteria. Are there really that many against this great leap forward (obviously, you know where I stand on it), or is it just a few making a lot of noise? I personally think everyone should be entitled to at least basic care. Maybe it's an idyllic concept, but somehow it's got to work, right?


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I think we had this discussion already. I followed the news very closely, as it will affect my family a lot. While I'm not in a panic about it, I do disagree with just about everything in it.

As for other countries with universal healthcare in place, this plan is NOTHING AT ALL like ANY of the universal health plans in use in any other industrialized country.

Essentially, it was made out to be this big health"care" reform, but all it really is is "insurance" reform.

Some people say it is a step in the right direction, but I disagree. A true step in the right direction (meaning towards universal healthcare) would essentially have to undo almost everything in this bill.

It does nothing to extend healthcare to the uninsured, except force them to purchase overpriced insurance, and it only makes insurance more affordable to those working in large companies (who already have insurance) and the poorest of the poor.

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