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Debating Mums was set up as a community where moms can openly and passionately debate a wide variety of issues. From parenting and politics to relationships and religion. Overall I think we (and when I say “we” I mean all of you too) have been able to create a pretty fabulous community and despite the fact that we come from very different backgrounds and from all over the world, we manage to keep things mostly respectful and drama free. However, with several hundred opinionated women as members, things are bound to come to a head from time to time.

Passionate debate is encouraged, and the moderators and I do not shut down discussions lightly as we are all for freedom of speech. However, name calling and trading insults is not becoming of our community or our members.

Therefore we maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for these types of infractions. If you start calling another member names, no matter how justified you think it may be, expect your post to be deleted without discussion. Repeat offenders will be blocked for a minimum of 24 hours.

Thanks for your cooperation. Let’s keep this community what it has always been; the most interesting, most intelligent and most respectful COM community out there.


Tawny - posted on 03/09/2010




Then Dana this group isn't for you, if you are so unhappy and think that it isn't the most intelligent or most respectful than leave the group I don't think that any one will stop you. Im getting tired of people bitching and complaining... Get over it start acting like an adult and do you let your children sit and complain or do you tell them to get over it and move on ... So move it on

Cassie - posted on 03/09/2010




I'm going to have to disagree on that one Dana. I can say from all communities I've been a member of, both debating and non-debating, this community contains the most women who believe it is best to research and be informed on information for most topics even if they do decide to throw in their personal experience that doesn't match current research.

I think it is difficult to debate though when you are looking for a "fight" not a debate so maybe a review of the terms would be of benefit.

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Charlie - posted on 03/13/2010




I have to say this is the only group that actually uses facts backed up with links to the research and studies to debate and not just overly emotional opinions of what they " think " is right to me that says they are very mature and intelligent , to me that says they are able to make plausible argument using their hearts AND their brains whether i agree with them or not .

It is a little amusing when people join a debate community only to be shocked that " surprise , surprise " people actually have opposing opinions , if people aren't prepared to hear the other side of a debate and argue their points across without getting emotionally overwhelmed at the mere fact someone disagrees then debate is just not for you , simple really .

Oh and just to add , if you ( generally ) find you do get into heated debate as we all have before make sure you check your " feelings " towards your opponent at the door before each new thread , you never know , you may just agree with them if only you give them a chance without harboring any left over ill feeling from previous debates .

Jess - posted on 03/06/2010




I must say, this has to be the nicest group I have come across ! Even in Premie Baby groups their out for blood !!! I guess its because we have all joined knowing we need to wear our big girl panties and take nothing to heart !

Isobel - posted on 01/21/2010




That's expecting a whole lot from this 'classless bitch' I'll try though ;P

JL - posted on 01/21/2010




Krista, you can send me private messages any time so you can call me a poopybumfartyface.

Krista - posted on 01/20/2010




Sigh...and I was so looking forward to calling Joy a poopybumfartyface.

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