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with the new school recently back here in new south wales it is swimming carnival time, this triggered a conversation on the local radio about children participating in sport, and if the coaches and teachers are teaching the joy of just being in the team no matter if you are gifted or just enthusiastic or is it about getting the best team and winning and who cares if all the other kids never get a chance..
i think with the over weight issues facing our kids today getting more exercise is very important and school is a wonderful place to start if (and a BIG if) it can be inclusive of all and not exclusive ot the ones who realy need support.
i went to a tiny school (like40- 60 kids , that was k-6) and as a result we all went in everything on carnival day, the kids who were best done the relays of course but everyone went, this was swimming atheletics cricket softball anything at all, we all had a great sence of purpose because the team really did need us, and we were all celebrated for our effort not our winning (although our school was a very high acheiving school for its size) we would routinly win in most things, had most age champions we would even win the march past,
when my son went to primary school the i was very underwhelmed by the sports carnival as no one had to go, and then only a few particiapted and of those kids most were little a's and were really good, i am now sending my girls to a very small school too hoping to get a primary experience like mine, what are your views on this...


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I hated PE too. In fact, in high school the only 'sick days' I took were the twice a year track and field days....

My girls are VERY active. In addition to whatever PE and recess they have in school, they also do 1.5 hours of gymnastics/week and 2 months a year of soccer.... and all the general running around they do ALL the time. My son just does all the running around for now.

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My kids schools both have swimming carnivals, and everyone is expected to swim and participate, even if it is only in the novelty events. Yes, they hold novelty events for the kids who can't swim well, so that way everyone gets a go and also has the chance to add some points to their team.

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I loved PE for the most part but that maybe because I can be really competitive and although I wasn't the best I also wasn't the worst. I intend to encourage my son to play sports as much as possible but I also want him to enjoy the sports he is playing - if he doesn't I will not force it.

I think schools should have a number of different options because a lot of people aren't sporty and hate PE, maybe they could have walks and dance sessions as well as traditional sports, I'm sure there is more they can do as well.

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We had interschool sport on Friday afternoons (a selection of sports to play against other schools), and if it wasn't softball I opted to NOT do a sport and stay in a classroom doing nothing constructive the entire afternoon.

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Lol i didnt mind PE in school but reading about those fat pinchs brought back memories!!! I went to school in Canada and now live in Australia so dont know the school system here but we used to have a thing called intermerials which was team sports played over the lunch hour but it was a mix of kids from all grade( 5-9) andboth girls and boys on the teams and I totally loved it way more then PE! It was op if you wanted to take part in the dif sport but most everyone did because it was fun, the older kids usually encouraged the younger ones or taught them skills in the sport. It was a mix from the best sports kids to the one that were just giving it a go. I hope there will be something for when my daughter goes to school but she will be in sports outside of school as well.

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I'm another one that hated PE at school!

I think schools should come up with some things that would keep kids fit, but that aren't maybe so humiliating for those who aren't sporty. Even if it's just a hour long (or however long PE is these days!) walk!

There's nothing worse than being forced to do sports when you're crap at them, I was teased mercilessly during PE (by peers AND teachers). In the end, I just didn't go to the lessons!

I think PE and keeping active should be encouraged, but I also think that schools need to come up with some alternatives for those who don't excel at the traditional PE activities.

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I hated PE too. They never did the fat pinch stuff but we did measure our waists, do our BMI, etc. I deliberately forgot my hat when we had to do netball or basketball or running laps of the oval because playing sport is boring no matter how "fun" anyone tries to make running laps of the oval or swimming in duck poo infested pools.

Nikki - posted on 02/17/2011




I hated PE in school, I would make myself sick to avoid attending. I had this arse of a teacher who smacked me in grade 2 because I couldn't do a somersault. I am un coordinated and always felt like an outsider when it came to sport. I really hope that by the time my daughter begins school PE will be more inclusive and accepting of students who may not excel at sports. I also hope they have cut out the fitness and fat pinch tests they used to do,if not my daughter will not be participating in them, for me they were humiliating. If things haven't changed in general it will be a real shame, kids today need PE more than ever before.

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