Kids taught to sing alternative national anthem

Kellie - posted on 10/01/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




"Thousands of children are singing an alternative version of the Australian national anthem at school assemblies that removes any reference to the Southern Cross and appoints "Christ" as the nation's head of state.

About 50 New South Wales Christian schools of mixed denominations are now singing the second version of 'Advance Australia Fair' which begin as thus: "With Christ our head and cornerstone, we'll build out nation's might", the Daily Telegraph reported.

The lyrics were written over two decades ago by Ruth Ponniah, 75, as part of her local church's bicentennial celebrations.

Westmead Christian Grammar School, Penrith Christian School, St George Christian School, and Bethel Christian School in Mt Druitt are some schools| now singing this new version.

Federal Education Minister Peter Garrett has said national protocols prevent the national anthem from being modified and that alterations to the anthem had no place in the state's educational institutions.

"Alternative words should not be used and schools should be teaching students to sing the two authorised verses," Mr Garrett said.

Federation of Parents and Citizens' Association of NSW president Helen Walton told the newspaper the new lyrics were "disrespectful" and her group supports the stance by the Australian Parents Council (APC) to ban them.

Ian Dalton, executive director of APC said: "There are many opportunities to express pride in your faith, but the national anthem is not one of them. It shouldn't be tampered with."

Despite the criticism, Christian Schools Australia chief executive officer Stephen O'Doherty said he will encourage schools to sing the Christian version loudly."

I am not a Christian and my Daughter will not be attending a Christian School when she is old enough to go to school, but I just saw this and found it annoying.

I know our Anthem isn't the best Anthem but it's OUR Anthem, why do people feel the need to mess with things. So your a Christian, do you feel it will cement your place in Heaven if you change the words to your countries National Anthem? That it will please God if you can't speak a sentence without putting Christ in there somewhere, that it proves you love Him more than other's love their Deity?

If it's illegal to burn your countries flag it should be illegal to teach an altered version of your countries anthem. It's disrespectful imo.

Edited to Add:

If you want to sing about or to God, sing a friggen Hymn, there are plenty enough of those, and keep the Anthem as it is.


Jodi - posted on 10/01/2011




I think that's ridiculous. My kids attend Catholic school, and they don't sing the National Anthem each day, only at certain assemblies. BUT, they do say prayer at the beginning of each day when they first arrive in class. I can't see why these Christian schools can't adopt a similar curriculum if they have such a problem with the Anthem in its current form.

Stifler's - posted on 10/01/2011




I think it's a great anthem, personally. They're just changing it to be obnoxious, it's the Christian way. "this country is a CHRISTIAN COUNTRY... founded by CHRISTIANS... if you don't like it leave!!!!!111one" is seriously what some denominations and ignorant individuals believe.


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Some people feel that if their god isn't mentioned in/on it, then it's an atheistic attack on their beliefs. This is a sad, sad way of thinking but we're studk with it.

I just sit here and wait for the day when STOP signs are changed to read, "Stop! Goddamit!"

Michelle - posted on 10/02/2011




I'm glad my kids are singing the "real" national anthem, the one I grew up singing!

I went to a Catholic high school (I'm not Catholic) and they didn't change the words. We did have to say a prayer every morning and every afternoon though!!!!!! That's another debate though :-)

I don't see what wrong with the words in our anthem. I always sing along when I'm at the assembly, not a lot of other parents do though. That annoys me.

Kellie - posted on 10/01/2011




I agree Jodi, and this really does piss me off.

Emma LOL I thought we were founded by British Criminals....

i'm all fer people believing what they like but seriously sing a freaking Hymn say a Prayer or whatever and leave our Anthem alone. Christianity is not the be all and end all and it isn't even the first religion to form. GRRR.

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