Learning to FIGHT!?

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There is a show called Teach: Tony Danza….

It’s about the ex-boxer/actor Tony Danza, he now has a reality show where he is teaching high school.

Well one of his students is a known “Hot head” that has anger problems…
Tony decides to teach him how to box, and said something along the lines of ..

“If you know how to fight you are less likely to do it,”

My question is….

Do you think kids/teens/ or even adults should learn how to “Fight” if they have anger or violent tendencies…??

Do you think that if they know how to fight they are less likely to fight?
Could it be a form of therapy??


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I did a couple of martial arts from the age of 9 to about 15 and its mostly about discipline and control. So obviously I think learning how to properly fight is a good thing, just like Tony Danza said. AND punching a punching bag can be so stress relieving.

Charlie - posted on 11/10/2010




Absolutely , it worked for me as an angry teen as soon as i started to go to martial arts i became focused , calm and level headed .
Its all about discipline .


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Eliz - posted on 11/12/2010




It really depends on the person AND on the teacher. Whoever teaches you how to fight has to express how important it is to NEVER use the skills if you are able to walk away from a situation. My father taught karate for 30+ years and he ALWAYS expressed how important it was not to fight if you had the option to walk away. He also taught other skills that people can use to defend themselves without violence. Martial Arts or "fighting" can be a good way to release built up tension. Punching or kicking a bag or even fighting in a controlled environment with a sparring partner is a good way to get out anger. If you are angry at a particular person you can visualize their face on the bag and go to town on it. It gets it out of your system without having to actually hit the person you are angry with.

Jenn - posted on 11/11/2010




Teaching him boxing is not teaching him to fight. Boxing, karate, and other forms of martial arts, can teach children many things like self-discipline and self esteem. Usually kids with low self esteem are the type to "fight", because they always feel like they have something for prove.

Rosie - posted on 11/11/2010




yes i agree with that. teaching a controlled disiplined aproach to fighting is totally helpful. there are so many people on UFC who accredit martial arts and fighting to helping them control their temper, and helped them not to fight.

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yes...we learn how to avoid, in the shorin ryu pledge it says not to use what you have learned in a abusive manner and only to use it constructively and defensively to protect yourself and fellow man, it has to be said after each class and many of the children there with anger issues have done better as far as behavior. I agree...it teaches restraint and discipline..

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I completely agree with Tony and his ideas. Learning a skill like boxing or martial arts teaches people discipline not just how to hurt people.

Sharon - posted on 11/10/2010




Tony Danza has it right. As do nearly all forms of martial arts teachings.

Nikkole - posted on 11/10/2010




yea my grandpa was a black belt and he LOVED it but he had to quit because of his knees they got really bad im going to put my son in it when he turns 4! It also gets some of that energy out lol

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I agree with Nikkole. My hubby has his black belt in karate and he is the last person who would ever start a fight. Like Nikkole said, they teach you not to use until you have to.

Nikkole - posted on 11/10/2010




well i know in karate they teach you to not use it on anyone unless you have to and it teaches you discipline and i think if kids do something like this they are more likely to stay out of trouble!!

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If they are taking their anger out on a punching bag I'd say they would be less likely to lash out at others.

Serena - posted on 11/10/2010




I think he has the right idea on so many levels. People who learn martial arts are taught "how to fight" but very rarely are their skills ever used. It teaches discipline I believe and as soon as I can put my son in martial arts I plan to.
I personally would love to learn to box, its such great exercise...

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I do not think anybody should be taught how to fight if they have anger issues. I could see how a fighting class or boxing class could be a release,but it just depends on the person and how they cope with their anger.

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I think he's right. I always wanted to do karate growing up, and was a very hot headed kid (and still am). My mom never put me in the class because it wasn't girly enough for her liking but I picked it up as an adult and found myself to be much calmer, I learned how to channel my strength, and I also learned that maybe I was agressive because I was trying to prove that I knew how to fight when I really had no idea, so I was trying to put people off verbally so it didn't get to that (which led to me getting my butt kicked a lot).

I plan on picking Karate back up in the next year or so, then also doing the kid/adult classes with my daughter when she's old enough to start it too.. If my kids are anything like me, they will need all the help they can get with their anger!

Krista - posted on 11/10/2010




I ♥ Tony Danza. I had such a huge crush on him when I was a kid.

Amanda - posted on 11/10/2010




I've heard that learning to fight helps kids/adults learn when to fight, and how to control their anger better. If they know when and how to fight they'll be less likely to need to run around wanting to fight. I think it could be considered a form of therapy. A punching bag could be a good way to relase anger and stress for someone who bottles emotions inside. I want to put my 7 yr old son in Karate or Boxing next year so he will be able to learn to control his temper and learn when it's okay to show his anger and how to use it.

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