Let them choose there OWN labels.


Firebird - posted on 07/02/2011




Without that label my Autistic daughter wouldn't be able to get the interventions she needs to learn how to function in this world, nor would I have access to the funding that helps pay for it all. Like Kathy, I don't introduce her as "my Autistic daughter, Rhiannon", but I do explain it to people who obviously notice some of her quirks.

The Autism label does not define her, she defines it.

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Oh, and just because someone is labeled "bipolar" by the medical community, doesn't mean that's ALL they are. Like Katherine said, the mental illness doesn't define them, just like being a SAHM doesn't define me. :)

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Psychiatric labels for mental disorders are a necessary evil, in my opinion. What comes AFTER the diagnosis, is what's detrimental. Not all disorders can or need to be "fixed" with medication, but I do believe that administering medication/labeling/diagnosing a child's behaviour is sometimes absolutely necessary. Do I think it's overused or abused? Sure, but that's how the medical profession operates. As parents we need to do research, ask for second opinions, look into alternative theories and "medicine", and THEN make an informed decision. For someone with a serious mental illness, labeling them and medicating them might be the only way to save their lives.

Katherine - posted on 07/02/2011




Pretty good video. It's true though, they ARE people not ADHD, or ADD, or Autistic. People do tend to say this is, "My autistic son, Bob." I think labels should be thrown away to a degree.
You DO have to say what your kid has as far as the doctor etc....but you don't have to introduce someone that way and talk about them in that manner.

My brother is schizophrenic and my parents have this habit of calling him that ALL the time. They refer to him by that label in conversations. He is a person.
What you have doesn't define who you are.


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Rosie - posted on 07/02/2011




of course that psychiatric label doesn't define them, it's a medical term. just like pregnant, or heart patient, or whatever. those certain labels get you certain medical things, or even a certain level of understanding from other people.
i do feel that once someone see's a child is autistic, or adhd, or something thats it, that's all they see. however, there needs to be education about that-not getting rid of the label.

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