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What do you think? This is a personal story from someone local in my area.

My name is Danielle Smith, and I need someone to hear my story and possibly help me.
Last September 2010 I gave birth to a healthy 8lb, 15 ounce little boy we named Charles. In October 2010 Charles had a high fever, and I took him to his Dr. who then sent me to Loma Linda Hospital. For children this young, they assume that a high fever would be caused by meningitis. In order for them to diagnose him a spinal tap had to be performed. This test requires them to ball the baby up (head in his lap) and stick a needle into his spinal cord and draw some fluid to be tested. They told me that if it was meningitis he would have a hospital stay of no less than 3 weeks for treatment. They attempted to do the spinal tap and were unable to draw any fluid.
(They said doing a spinal tap would be practically painless. They would do local "topical" anesthesia and the worst that would happen would be a headache or slight soreness)
The second day Loma Linda Hospital staff told me that another doctor was going to attempt the spinal tap again. This time he was not successful. They then attempted again, this time they were successful but when I went in to see my baby afterwards he had been given morphine. (I do not understand why morphine was administered without my permission and especially if this was going to be a pain free test.
I was still told at this point that with meningitis there was no chance he could go home before the 3 weeks. I was willing to administer his antibiotics from home but it was not allowed in a child so young.
2 days later I received a phone call saying that he had meningitis but with the type he had he would be allowed to go home. They said this meningitis could not be treated by antibiotics. The body would just fight it on its own until it was gone. I was instructed for him to visit his regular doctor and to keep an eye on him.
On December 3rd 2010, while my husband and I were in a McDonalds drive though Charles began crying and my husband reached back to find his pacifier. When he couldn't find it, he stuck his finger in Charles' mouth. That is when he noticed that my sons jaws were clinched, his arms were sticking out, and his eyes were rolling behind his head. Freaking out I asked my husband to grab him from his chair and hand him to me. My husband did as I asked and I held him in front of me. He was no longer clinching, and his eyes were just closed. He was lifeless and breathing very shallow. I didn't know what to do, so I asked my husband to administer CPR. My husband attempted but I could tell he didn't know what to do and he too was scared. I then jumped out the car and ran to a payphone and called 911. The ambulance came, looked at my son and told us he had a seizure but was fine. Baby Charles was screaming at this point. The paramedics asked us if we wanted to go home, or go to the hospital. Being concerned parents we opted for the hospital. The ambulance took us to Loma Linda Hospital where we were told that he had blood on his brain, and 4 fractured ribs. We were then questioned by the police, and CPS. The hospital stated that the seizure had to be caused by head trauma. (He had to have been hit with the force of an accident.) The fractures were in the process of healing, and that they believed that Charles was a subject of child abuse. On December 4th, 2010 they took Charles and his 3 year old brother Jamir away from our home. Since December my husband Charles Smith Sr. and I have tried our hardest to figure out what happened to our baby. Who could of harmed are baby? We have done everything that CPS asked. Taking parenting classes, gone to court dates, questioned everyone who had ever even held our baby. We even pointed fingers at people we couldn't be sure of because they had held our baby one time or another.
The only thing we could think of is the meningitis and the procedure to be tested for it. Upon looking into this we found that meningitis causes intracranial pressure that can cause blood on the brain. Intracranial pressure can be caused by meningitis or head trauma. I found that the position they would have to place my baby in may have caused the fractures to his ribs, especially since the fractures are on the opposite side of the exact same spinal cords the needle needed to go into. When we provided this information, it was overlooked and we were told that we needed to take responsibility and stop blaming the hospital.
CPS has done several tests on my oldest child Jamir (age 3) to look for any signs of child abuse and to this day have not been able to find any. My 3 year old was in good health and very happy at home with my husband and I.

My children were in my mother's custody until October 2011, when CPS decided that she was incapable of caring for them any longer. They ripped the children out of her home without notice and put them into foster care.
CPS pretends to be looking out for the child but in fact they feel that emotional damage is less important than physical damage. In my opinion, they are wrong. A broken arm will heal, but wondering why everyone you love is constantly leaving is a lasting impression. My children have been abused by the system, not by their parents. I am asking you to please help me and my husband in any way possible. We are not abusive people, and took pride in our children. I know that you may have questions regarding my story, but please do not hesitate to ask. I have until February 2012 before my next court date that will separate my kids from my husband and my life forever. Please help me keep my children!

Thank you,

Danielle Smith


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I don't know where you live ... good lawyer!!! Mental health expert that will be 'on your side' .... ask for an F-CAP or CAP assessment ..... make sure the chidlren have an assigned CASA ... make sure the treatment providers that support you do so on record

Never miss a visit with your kids and make sure said visits are very positive in nature ... I assume you have visits, you ought to have at least supervised visits

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The system is broken.
Canada and the US. I have friends who had their child taken away for apx a year because of bruising that was found. They had a health nurse who came to their house a couple times a week (to help out new parents, etc. The mother had an extremely rough c-section birth) This nurse caused the bruising (later admitted it). As soon as they saw it, they took their son to the hospital and were told that they were abusing their child and that child was removed from the home. They went through hell to get him back. The system jerked them around from day one (do this and you can get your son back. Oh, we told you to do THAT...we really meant THIS. We never said it WOULD get your son back, we said maybe, etc) The judge actually eventually threw the case out because the case and the accusations that were being made got so ridiculous.

I will never deny that CPS has its place. It does save a lot of kids. But it also removes a lot of kids from loving homes and leaves a lot of kids in abusive homes. The entire system needs an overhaul, a lot of the workers need to not be there (either burned out or power hungry). The cracks need to be closed up.

It sickens me that I can completely believe this story, as written. And it doesn't surprise me. I've seen a lot of cases (I used to be involved in the system, a bit, not extensively, but enough) where CPS either ignored evidence that would have cleared the parents, or deliberately misinterpreted information to incriminate the parents. Like I said, a complete overhaul of the system is needed.

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It's quite a scary story if it's true, but I'm not sure what she's hoping for by asking for people to help. Maybe someone else has had this happen to them too I suppose and she's hping that they'll tell their story too - IDK!!

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