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so in NC, a mother is trying to have a teacher fired because he uses the word loser to address his students. when he grades a paper..he will write loser in the margin, if not up to his standards, this has caused one little girl to be harassed by her classmates and she received over 100 threatening text messages and had to be kept home from school. He also threw her pencil box in the hallway and another teacher yelled at her for disrupting his class when she didn't do it. The mother is livid...which is a understatment for what i would be...here's the thing......other parents are supporting this teacher..they said he is doing it in jest and uses this language to "get on the student's level"....What do you think about this?..Is it ok for a teacher to use this language with a student?

I do not agree with his tactics at all. Like a 6th grader doesn't have enough to deal with without being ridiculed by a teacher. I try to teach my children to not call names and try to understand that everybody does not learn, think, comprehend etc...the same way, and calling someone a loser...well don't let me hear it. So of course I wouldn't what the teacher to encourage behavior like this.

I should also add that in nov when the mother first saw this "loser" written on a paper. She went to the school and they assured her it wouldn't happen again, yet, here they are...

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Wow what bullshit. I can't believe there's such crappy parents out there, I know by now I shouldn't be surprised but good grief.

Absolutely he should be fired. Ridiculing a child so he seems "cool" to the other kids is akin to saying it's OK to bully others if they don't measure up. A student would be in HUGE trouble if they did this, why shouldn't he? He's an adult, he should already know better than this. /:)

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no he hasn't been and there are parents fighting for him to stay because their kids think he is cool...that's why has the online petition trying to have him at least suspended....i'm pretty sure if i went to the school and began knocking things off his desk and throwing them in the hall while calling him a loser, i would have some very real consequences......not that it would have stopped me, and when asked why, i would say...he did it to my 12 year old, no biggie right?

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Wait..........he HASN'T at least been suspended yet? That's ridiculous. A student would be reprimanded for such behaviour. Why hasn't the teacher?

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Of course this is unexceptionable....I thought teachers were to teach our children NOT to bully or name call each other...I guess it's okay for them to do it right? And it's obvious that the NO BULLYING POLICY doesn't apply at this school....

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"please get rex roland out of Enka middle school" is her online petition if anyone wanted to help this mom out, she def isn't getting any help from the school system

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Um, no. It's unhealthy both for the teacher and for the students if the teacher is actively trying to be "on their level." Because ultimately, he's not on their level. He is teaching them, therefore he must be held to a higher standard. The teacher deserves not only to be fired but to have his license pulled for causing such hurt and humiliation as well as creating a very negative learning atmosphere.

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I think that the 'getting on a students level' theory is a complete joke! Isn't the role of a teacher to be an educator, superior, adviser, and mole model? Isn't the teacher the one who punishes students for the same behavior? I had a teacher like this in my last years of school and while we thought it was great having a cool teacher, we ended up doing no work, chatting and laughing all class with said teacher and when it came to exams almost all of us failed because we had not been educated in the subject. (other than what we did on the w/e and who was dating who and those topics our teacher loved to discuss) While i had fun at the time (i was a liked student, i cant imagine how hard it would be being made fun of my a teacher) i and my friends would have much rather a formal teacher and a higher grade.

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