lying to get into a better school district

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This mom is in jail for doing just that. What do you think about this issue?

This is a VERY common thing in my area. My town is actually it's own school district and happens to be the best in the state. We are surrounded by very low ranked districts. I know many people, including some in my own family, that lie about their address in order to go to a better school. No one has ever been arrested for this, but there have been kids kicked out of the district when it's proven their parents have lied about their address.

We pay high property taxes in order to have this great school system. On one hand, it's not fair that someone who doesn't pay taxes in this town can take advantange of this system. On the other hand, renters who live here benefit from the system without paying taxes. And is it really fair to subject a kid to a sub-standard education simply based on their address?


Jessica - posted on 01/26/2011




This is funny bc i just started a post on this fact.
Id have to agree to the poster about her being arrested bc shes black..Shes working her ass off to maintain a good life for her kids. And imo..not like the superintendant cant take a paycut to help out others who desire to attend a better school.

Rosie - posted on 01/26/2011




i'm usually not one to say it, but i think she got jailed because she's black. if this was a white woman, i don't feel she would've been. even before watching the video i sat there and thought to myself, i bet she's black. it's very sad that i was right.

so no, i don't think she should be jailed. i don't think anybody should be jailed, i think it's fucking retarded. why shouldn't everyone have access to good quality education? this pisses me off.

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Okay, I'm locking this because another thread was started about the same exact thing. If you want to chime in, do so in "Wow...this takes the cake!" Thanks ladies!

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First of all, she wasn't arrested because she was black. Like I said in the other thread (the one Jessica started), she was arrested because out of the people they investigated, all the rest either proved residency or agreed to pay their fines. She was the only one who refused to pay her fine and on top of it, she had her father lie in court documents to try and help her out. I don't think the punishment fits the crime. She should not be in jail, so on that note, yes, they are making a tough example out of her and it's not fair. I think the original fine with court costs added on would be sufficient punishment. What's sadder than her being in jail is the reasoning behind why she felt she had to do what she did. If there were better funding for EVERY school district, if one school wasn't so much worse than the next (and some of them get pretty bad) then parents wouldn't feel they had to do this.

Cassie - posted on 01/26/2011




I don't think she should be jailed but I do think it is fair that children should remain in the school district in which they live. If you don't like the school district, either send your child to private school (not an option for many) or don't purchase a home in that school district. We found many houses that we like in the school district in which I work but we do NOT want our girls attending school in this district so we moved out of my school district to a neighboring one so that my girls will attend school there. We chose to live farther away from our work and pay higher taxes so that our girls could have a better education.

Isobel - posted on 01/26/2011




we have to prove where we live with a bill or lease when we register for a school...that being said, I'm letting one of my friends route her mail to my house (she lives a few blocks away from me) cause her house is on the border of the district for one of the best high schools in the city.

I'll have to read the article to check on the racism angle...will return.

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