Mandatory Payment for Summer School

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It used to be that if a student failed a subject, he/she could make it up in summer school and earn back that credit. Now because of budgetary constraints with staffing and school operations, it is now the policy that each summer school course is $150. Students eligible for the free/reduced lunch program have thee fee waived. This summer students have 2 options: in person classes, or an on-line class. Both are reliant upon the number of seat hours on time logged into a system plus mastery of all assignments & final exam. If students do not attend summer school and earn the credit back, then they will repeat the course next year. So I have about a dozen kids who state they refuse to go to summer school. They will be enrolled in both English 10 and English 9 next year.

Pros of this issue: Hopefully teaches kids more responsibility during the school year, Could potentially lead to a more successful student

Cons: Could lead to a greater hatred of school, Ruins the summer (I don't buy into that excuse though), possibily impact student summer jobs

Any thoughts or opinions?


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I think to many parents use it as a crutch to help supplement their childcare payments. Why pay someone to care for your child full time when you can pay half the price for before/after school care? For those that TRULY need it the summer program should be free. IMO However, I don't think most of the children enrolled in the summer school programs need it. Of course then you open up the can of worms for those that are struggling of where were the parents during the school year to help their child with schoolwork and avoid the possiblity of being held back?

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Joy, the on-line course is $75 per course. The budgeting is way beyond $150 per kid. It's operating & maintaining an open school, morning food program, bus routes, & staffing salary. I am worried about several students because English is a weakness now for them. If they end up with double English classes next year, it will be just overwhelming and could set up a kid for dropping out.

Not only is charging a fee for summer school starting to become the norm, it is also the norm to pay to play in a sports program. Google the phrase "Pay to Play" and see what comes up.

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I understand why schools have to get creative in their budgeting (like charging for summer school) but I don't think it's right. I get that it's just how it has to be in some places, but it's just a sad sign of how low we've sunken economically. If my son were old enough and needed summer school, I probably wouldn't pay the fee. Is the online summer course free? I'd probably go that route if it's free. Otherwise, he'd just have an added English (or math, whatever) course the following year. I'm thinking it may go either way but hopeful that it'll teach kids to be more responsible with their education so that they don't end up having to take extra classes just to pass.

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