Marijuana - California taking a brave step on November 19th

Eronne - posted on 10/13/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




As a mother of grown children I can look back on what was good and what was bad in their lives. I would like to say they avoided all substance abuse but of course they didn't. Without doubt in my experience alcohol was the devil. When the kids came home drunk it was a nightmare, when they came home stoned not so bad - tough on the grocery bill but no violence. This is a ridiculous point I know but from my research ( great place for info from the cops) no one has ever died nor killed another person due to pot smoking. Alcohol? we all know those stats.
I think my number one reason to support legalization is to product us. Unregulated substances cannot be controlled. Drug dealers target children, government licensed vendors don't. We have ample laws in place to deal with improper use and sale. The US is spending 100s of billions of dollars every year and losing the battle. There are almost 1 million people in jail for pot possession in the US!!! Policing, judicial and incarceration costs are through the roof. In Canada over half the population has tried marijuana. How can a law make half the population guilty of a crime?
California is proposing this law as a tax grab. So be it, but it should pass to save and protect our children.


Jenny - posted on 10/13/2010




I agree 100%. Drug laws are archaic and I'm hoping California takes this important step forward. I am very disappointed Canada wasn't first to decriminalize (although we got close before the Conservatives got in) but hopefully their experience will lead to other places following suit.

Drug dealers don't check ID. It is easier to get marijuana than alchohol. Thousands of people die yearly from the prohibition of pot, NONE die from it's use. Do the right thing California!

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Serena - posted on 10/13/2010




I worked at a bank in California where one of the pot clubs did their banking. I was informed of how much rules and regulations there really are and even when you follow all the rules you still come out making a lot of money.
I honestly think that its a great idea and actually will reduce crime not only because of decriminalizing pot smokers but also it will weaken the stronghold the drug cartels will have. Why buy it illegally when you can go to a reputable dealer and know exactly what you are getting. I wish we still lived in California...I really don't see Florida passing a bill like this anytime soon.

Kimberly - posted on 10/13/2010




"Legalize pot!!!! Regulate it and tax the shit out of it."

My sentiments exactly!

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