Marijuana VS Alcohol.

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During over my last 45 year of living I have seen and been to a lot of different places. I guess my Post is about the Legalization of Marijuana vs. Alcohol. If anyone has ever seen anyone detox from Alcohol they know and also studies have shown that to detox from Alcohol is the worst thing out there. A person can die from the detox if it's not done right or with a Dr. So my question or whatever is, we can buy Alcohol from most grocery stores (depending on the state you live in) or any liquor store on the corner and yet it's effects on us are far more detrimental than the effects of Marijuana. They why do most people have so many issues on the Legalization of Marijuana? I'm not saying Pot is good for us or we shouldn't have certain rules and guidelines, by any means but it's better than Alcohol. Anyone over the age of 21 can buy Alcohol. Pot also has more medicinal good than Alcohol. Just think to if we were to legalize Pot then think of the money that would be saved from the legal standpoint and the crime of having Pot would no longer exist. The drug lords couldn't make money on Pot anymore either. There are far more drugs out there, that shouldn't be out there than Pot. Alcohol being #1.



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I personally think the medicinal usage of pot it utterly overrated and inflated. I think prescriptions for medical usage are overwritten as well, just like other narcotic meds only people who take it (or suggest it) are convinced its' better because it's 'natural!' I have been told by far too many people that I should try medical pot instead of my morphine because it'll do a better job and have fewer side effects. There's no evidence to back this up.

I do get what you're saying about alcohol, I just don't think the argument is going to win many people over.

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legalize, don't commercialize. that's all i have to say on mary jane.

and go ahead and ban alcohol, i'm fine with that, lol.

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Here now, Katherine. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater! (Or the Pinot Noir, as the case may be.)

I do feel that pot should be treated identically to alcohol. Legalize it, regulate it, restrict its sale, and tax it.


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Katherine - posted on 03/25/2012




Actually it wasn't sarcastic lol. Now that I read it, it does sound bad!

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Neither is good for you but smoking a joint is much more likely to do less harm than alcohol.

I say it should be legalized for the age of an adult (since it depends on where you live). A heck of a lot of people smoke it anyhow. So having it illegal is not stopping anyone.

Katherine - posted on 03/25/2012




I agree. We should start Prohibition again. Pot is much better for you.

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