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Lindsay - posted on 04/08/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




Is it important for you to get "me time" in your day, week or month? Or do you think that it's selfish to expect to have that luxury?

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I always get "me" time whenever I can schedule it in! My husband gets time to himself as well, when he can schedule it in. We go out as a couple when we can. The key is communication and mutual respect for each other-bottom line.

Rosie - posted on 04/10/2010




yeah, me time is definitely a must. i was single with my first one and NEVER had any me time. i now know what it's like to have help, i realize the importance of it. i work out at a gym a couple times a week for 45 min. it helps me relax. and once a week my best friend and i go out to eat, or she just hangs out at my house even with my kids, but her being there makes me feel like i'm something more than a mother. now if my husband and i could get some "we" time in more often that would be great, but that entails getting a babysitter.

Tah - posted on 04/09/2010




my mother always stresses the importance of having time to yourself, she would get up early on sats and leave out either by herself with daddy. o she got her me time and im sure some of the 10 of us are still alive because of it, If my kids think im bad now, (they dont..lol) then see me without my time alone...then lets talk. I am advocate for it and i may just make a flag and fly it in honor of me time, My husband also gets his, he and my 13 year old box and its like fun more than work and thats what he chooses and deserves because he works so hard on the ship. he's there now, i did my homework after work today and my 3 year old is laying here and not bothering me so i guess this could count as semi-me time...we will see

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me time is very important. it helps de stress you and keep you sane. we dont get to have much us time. usually his mom watches the baby like 1 day on the weekend and we take like an hour or 2 and just go do something. occasionally she will take her for the weekend. it depends tho. alot of people take advantage and go all out. like my ex step sister. she was always dumping her kid with us every single weekend so she could go party,get plastered and stay out all night and sleep around then come back drunk and crash at our house or the next day. to me thats a little ridiculous wen you have kids. you get people who just go party and stuff. fine once in awhile but not every weekend. its fine to go out every weekend for a few hours and do stuff, but to me its wrong to just go party and stuff with kids becuase it doesnt set a good example.

LaCi - posted on 04/09/2010




I think personal time is absolutely necessary.

My me time is School. I get 2 days a week out of the house with other adults. It usually satisfies my personal time needs. If I ever need a time out, my kiddo hangs out with daddy while I retreat to the hot tub. I also have to get in my workouts, I do that while he's eating, at least 40 minutes twice a day on non-school days. Now that he's older he's okay with watching me run my butt off and allows me to focus on it with little to no interruptions.

Caitlin - posted on 04/08/2010




Me time is sooo important, when I don't get it, I start to get really down. My hubby helps out all he can, but he works nights and has to sleep during the day. On our weekends, he'll watch the kids if I need to take a nap or if I want to go out and do something. It really helps out, and the time off lets me de-stress which I think makes me a better mom. Before our second, naptime used to be me-time but now since our second is only 7 weeks old murphy's law says that when one is asleep the other one isn't, which is pretty true. Today they slept at the same time for the first time midday, so I got an hour long nap and it was 100% heaven, and one of the rare times I can snuggle up with the hubby in bed. It really restores me!

Kayle - posted on 04/08/2010




I think "me time" is a necessity (unless you want to go crazy but then again we're moms we're already a little crazy). I have my daily me time. It's my shower/bath time. The hubby watches our son while I'm allowed a half an hour in the shower, music blaring and me singing my heart out. =) It's a total de-stresser for me.

Ez - posted on 04/08/2010




With a baby or toddler, I think me-time is definitely a luxury. I don't think it's selfish to need it - I'm sure we've all had those days where we think 'Man I just need a BREAK!!' - but I don't think it's something to be taken for granted either. Little ones are just so demanding and in need of their mothers that I don't think it's realistic to 'expect' regular me-time. But if it happens, then great!

I don't get much of a break, but then I'm a single mother and I knew that was part of the deal. When the occasion arises (probably every month or so) my Mum will take my daughter for the night so I can go out for dinner or see a movie with friends. Apart from that my only down time is when she's asleep (when I'm not doing housework lol).

Charlie - posted on 04/08/2010




Yes very important , otherwise people end up losing their self identity and it can cause resentfulness towards being a mother , housewife ect ect those jobs should be enjoyed and celebrated but when thats all we become and we lose ourselves it can can be hard on a woman .

Jamie always gives me , me time , once a month i will go to the salon or the beauty therapist and get treated and once a week i will go out for coffee with my girlfriends kid free which is great and once a week Jamie and i have " the night off " when cooper goes to grandmas house/. Selfish ? no , self preservation ? yes !

Happy mummy = happy family !

Carolee - posted on 04/08/2010




My husband gives me one day of "me time" every week. It keeps me happy, which keeps him happy, which keeps our son happy. He gets up with Corbin (which actually lets him sleep in, too) and he lets me do whatever I want for the entire day. He'll ask me how much money I need, and I'm off.

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I don't think there is anything wrong with me time. I'm getting it right now. My daughter is asleep and I took a break from cleaning to get a snack and catch up on COM. In a few minutes I'll probably get back up and finish cleaning before my daughter wakes up. Then I'll get together time with my husband tonight after she goes to bed. I'm totally satisfied with that, and incredibly grateful for it. I realize there are those out there that never get any me time.

However, if you insist on me time at the expense of your family's well-being then it is selfish. An extreme example: One mom on wife swap (is that show even real?) is a SAHM that plays around all day while the kids are in school, then when her husband gets home from work, he does all the chores and tends to the kids while she goes out and parties with her friends. And she was incredibly whiny in her new home when she had to actually watch the kids.

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