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Okay so can we all agree that the Media gives us the info they want us to know and that there is some brain washing going on?

like whats the wrong and right way to do this or that, what’s really cool for teens and kids to look like and dress, race stereotypes (Peopel really believe this crap...and sad to say i was a victim one to many times)…ect

What would you want to see covered in the news more?? what topics...good, bad, and the ooogly

I watch the news most every afternoon, evening and night…and it’s the same things over and over with sometimes stupid breaking news stories that make me want to throw my meat cleaver at the flat!!

For instance half the time I hear some crazy news, or great news, or odd..ect its off the net and im glad that I can at least find it there, BUT we all know that the Media has a way of making people believe whatever they say…so why not cover some more important things, why not ask the people what they want to see covered in the news…

I was watching this documentary about an everyday guy and his wife who decided to have a home birth with their first child, they started filming with there own camcorder and just asking questions and interviewing people and doctors and nurses all over.

before their baby was born they compiled some astounding facts about the Baby delivery system and insurance company’s, and how many things have changed like the mind set of people and how they view having a baby.

They went on the streets and one of the questions they asked, “Is it better to have your child in your home or a hospital” 9 times out of 10 people said Hospital incase something goes wrong.( and that is very true things can start off perfect for a mother and child and then wham….something goes wrong…but how often do things go wrong vs. everything going right??)

They also pointed out these facts: (but the movie is a few years old so I looked some of it up..but if any of you find better facts post em, I would like to know…and Thanks)

-The US has a high infant morality rate ranking number 34 in the world (we should be a little NO a lot higher then that with all the Technology we have) in the movie we were number 28…so it has gotten worse :-/

-Most often women get C-sections if the baby is breeched instead of trying to turn the baby the right way…in some places its not even taught or nurses don’t use what they know

-The C-section rate has shot up 32% and climbing

(these are just a few that I can remember off the top of my head…may need to go back and review)

They had a few doctors saying how they have heard stories or have known of other doctors lying about how many centimeters a women is just so they can get her in to have a C-section and be done with it.

The fact that many doc’s don’t really want to be waiting around for 24hr or more…when they can have the C-section and be done in 20-30min

Things like this..if I had never seen that documentary I would have thought C-section no big deal, or the fact that the hospital is WAY more dirty then your home. That women are stronger then they realize and how the hell did women have baby’s way back when before all the technology we have now..I know lots of babies died…but I think way more babies die now then before and that should not be with all the technology we have…RIGHT?

**This goes for us all..not just US

Where you live…how well does the MEDIA tell the truth or relay important news**


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I agree with Mary Elizabeth -- investigative reporting appears to have gone the way of the dodo bird. With very few exceptions, journalists have become lazy, and no longer dig to find out the REAL story, relying solely on media releases and talking points given to them by the very people they SHOULD be investigating.

Not to pick on the US, but one thing I had to add is that I found it VERY noteworthy when I was in NYC for a week is that there was NO international news aired, unless it directly involved the United States. As far as the media was concerned, if it didn't happen IN the US, or INVOLVE the US, then it didn't happen. I found that really alarming and sad, that people aren't being informed at all of what is going on in other parts of the world.

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the media is a joke. it doesn't report on the things people need to know or hear. it also sets an image of what's "real" that isn't real at all.
i've been noticing through the years how black people are slowly making their way into the mainstream tv, commericals, leading roles in tv. i noticed the other day a commercial with only black people in it, of course they were it's starting to get better-slightly.
atheists aren't discussed in a positive light, homeschoolers are crazies, homosexuals are all flaming, etc.
as for homebirths, no amount of statistics will make me feel safer at home.

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I would like the Media to do some REAL investigative reporting. There was a major oil spill in the north wilderness of the US this month...I haven't heard a THING about it on main-stream news. We've had two Nuclear plants in danger due to flooding...nothing on the news about that either. It seems like they (the media) give us more press releases than real reports...I can look up press releases on my own. I watch PBS, BBC, listen to NPR and other independent sources...they may be slightly biased as to which stories they tell, but at least they are actually doing real journalism...Our mainstream media is a joke in the US!


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This why we do not have cable. We just rent movies and they are purely for entertainment not education. Even "documentaries" have hidden agendas and bias information.

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wow! there's so much to address here. First off I want to say I agree with Mary, mainstream media does not cover the important things. They are too busy talking about Royal Weddings, celebrity break ups, how to get the best deals (although it is the corporations that are trying to make a profit having the media spin these stories). I feel like our media has become, rather than a way to INFORM us, to CONFORM us. It is a tool to keep us blind to what is really going on in the world. Like the REAL reason we entered Iraq and Afghanistan. The things our government have been up to, like the Patriot Act, and how it has been banned in some cities to pass out the Declaration of Independence. Or how since 9/11 there has been practically no mention of building 7, which fell along with the twin towers that day. And theres no logical explanation as to why. Things like this the media will not report on. Or if something factual goes viral that shouldn't of, like when it was announced many vaccines contained mercury, they did a huge smear campaign on it. Trying to make peole that don't vaccinate their kids feel like bad parents.
I have cut cable tv. We do not watch it in our house. I get my news online, which I actually have to research to find facts and not biased stories. Our mainstream media is OWNED by bankers and corporate kingpins. There are several different stations to make it appear like we have choices and a variety of news sources, but all the stations are owned by the same people. Seriously. Research it.
As for natural births, I am a HUGE advocate. I will be having my first natural birth here within the next month and I am so excited. A good documentary to watch about how birth is a form of business is "The Business of Being Born." It will likely shock you to know how many drugs are pushed on women in labor for absolutely no reason.
Great topic!

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I think it also makes a difference what station you're listening to. (For example, CNN is not really news.)

I am so glad I read the books I did and talked to the people I did before my son was born. I had a home birth and it was something I actually look forward to doing again someday.

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See that is just messed up, I had no idea about the oil spill and I heard VERY LITTLE about the Nuc plants in danger due to the flood :-/

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Hey good thing you are not in the UK they just had scandle come out about the media there hacking into cellphones, but it wasn't just Celeb's and the like what has caused the greatest furore is that they hacked into the messages of a young girl who had been kidnapped and when the in bax was too full deleted some of the messages giving the family the hope that she was still alive when in reality she had already dead for a few days. It looks like this is just one. Media only tell us what they want to hear and we know they are a bunch of vultures circling their prey.

There is a place for them but not in the wrong way.

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