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oh my gosh this has been driving me nuts and i need help from other moms please. what are your views on medicine? me and my daughter, my mother and my nephew all have the bad genes when it comes to sinuses and allergies. our sinuses are very sensitive to barometric pressure and climate change. we tend to get congested and stuffy very easy. we all use humidifiers when it gets dry and nasacort when we are outside. or even inside depending on our symptoms. i try to drink lots of tea with honey and encourage my daughter to do the same. we have been dealing with this for years and have accepted we have the short end of the stick. but the father of my child has NOT. he believes in medicine, medicine, medicine. even though my family doctor has seen me since i was a child and knows our history and symptoms. if my daughter coughs her father is shoving cough medicine down her throat. and thinks she needs to be rushed to the doctors right away. the doctor even said theres no reason for you to be here for a simple cough or congestion. if it turns to infection then worry. and just try to prevent it the best way you know how. how do i get through to my daughters father that medicine is not always the answer!!!??

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