mind your own business.....

Tah - posted on 10/02/2010 ( 22 moms have responded )




Okay, so we are on the highway, traiffic is stopped. people have kids that have to tinkle things like that..the next exit is a stones throw away...yes Tony Romo would have to throw that stone, but close, so some people start to drive on the side...not alot but about 5 people, so a lady in a car puts her car at an angle so that noone else can get by and another guy hopes out his truck and stands in the lane so that noone else can take the side road, one couple pulls up to him and they said my daughter is about to have an accident can you move..he says "do you have a cop with you, well thats to bad because i have to get to a soccer game".....then he moves a little and when they start to drive he stands back in front of them and says "hit me"...then he finally moves and kicks their car while they are going by...

Here is my take on it...mind your business...if someone wants to drive on the side, how is that hurting me, im not going to say you have to wait because i do because you never know what is going on in someone else's car. If they want to get a ticket then fine, how is it affecting you?...What do you think?...what would you do?

personally i think it was Petra in her hampton roads car stopping traffic, but i won't say anything..lol


ME - posted on 10/02/2010




If they're taking the shoulder up to the next exit...I have no problem with that, if they're taking the shoulder in order to cut their way in 10-20 car lengths ahead, then, yes...I do have a problem with that...Wait your turn for crying out loud (unless you're about to give birth) moving up a few car-lengths isn't going to do you any good!

Amie - posted on 10/02/2010




Sure it annoys me when people don't follow the rules of the road. Am I going to stand in front of someone's car? NO! That next person could be just as crazy and kill me! Sheesh!

If they want to risk the ticket, let them.

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They are strict about it in the UK, my BIL got 6 points and a £200 fine for driving less than a hundred yards on the hard shoulder to use an exit.

I pisses me off, but I wouldn't block the road to stop people doing it, it's their choice if they want to take that risk.

I have had some jerk try and cut me up in traffic, then abuse me because I didn't let him cut me up AND he had to go back to being behind me (with me calling him a wanker - hand gesture and all - oops). Then when the traffic stopped again he got out and started screaming at me and punching my window, THANK GOD I keep my doors locked and had air con in the car so my windows were closed. Scarily he then followed me for nearly 10 miles, I took his reg and called the police and reported him, it did scare me that he followed me (although I was 60 miles from home so he'd have to have gone really far out of his way to follow me home).

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Even I'll admit to driving on the shoulder to get to an exit and free up space on the road, but I only do it if the traffic on the road is moving. I would never do it if there was a traffic jam because an emergency vehicle or a driver having car trouble might need it. I would also never do it back in the UK because the police are super strict about it there. My issue was really with people who use the shoulder to overtake because they're dangerous and annoying. In any event, I think people are lame to go as far as to block the shoulder to stop people from using it.

C. - posted on 10/03/2010




No, I have to agree with that.. If people are doing it just to get a few car lengths ahead, that really pisses me off and I try my hardest to NOT let them back in. But if they are trying to get to an exit that's just a couple minutes up the road that nobody else is trying to get off on, I don't really care. I wouldn't do it, but maybe they have a dang good reason to?

Petra - posted on 10/03/2010




I just don't get the mentality behind this - Jessica, I've been in that kind of situation myself and I can't wrap my head around why people feel the need to do this kind of shit. If someone drives on the shoulder to get to an exit that you're not trying to get to, why get your panties in a bunch over it? How is it affecting you at all? And if you want to get to the exit but your 1/2 ton club truck is too big for the shoulder, tough fucking luck. Let people get on with their day.

Stifler's - posted on 10/03/2010




LOL. I reckon get out of the way and let people past. It'd probably be me driving on the side lane.

Becky - posted on 10/02/2010




Dana, you should've peed on her tires! :P
No, it's not any of my business, and I wouldn't block traffic. I just picture what would've happened if we'd been caught in heavy traffic when I was in labor with Zach and made it to the hospital with less than 20 minutes to spare as it was! Jeff probably would have run the guy right over in that situation!!
I agree though, it does piss me off when people do that just to cut back into traffic later. I try my hardest not to let them back in!

Caitlin - posted on 10/02/2010




The only time I conforonted someone doing that wasn't on a highway, it was ona residential street that didn't have a sidewalk, and this guy decided he wanted to ride the shoulder (very quickly might I add) to skip the line.. He was going the same directiona s everyone, and by driving on the shoulder like that he was putting kids lives at risk, because it's also the sidewalk and school had just let out (and he was going about 40 km/hr). Maybe I should elborate a tad - I was quite pregnant at that time and I think I scared the crap out of the guy - hormones are nothing to mess with (just ask my hubby).

Jessica - posted on 10/02/2010




People are crazy! Stupid drivers piss me off more than just about anything, but I would not go so far as to block someone's way or actually confront them like that... not worth it, and plus you never know what people will do.

Reminds me of a time I was driving with my sister and my baby was in the back seat, just a few months at the time. There was construction and we'd been sitting in a long single lane of bumper to bumper traffic, barely inching forward, for a good while. Well, the car behind me keeps riding up on my ass- I mean he was WAY too close to my car, I couldn't even see his headlights in my rear view mirror. And every time I looked back you could see him gesturing like he was really pissed off. Me and my sister were like, WTF dude- yes there's traffic, we're ALL stuck in it- its not my fault we're going 2 miles an hour! But he kept doing it- driving his car so close to mine that we were afraid he'd actually hit us. We got pissed because there was a baby in the back seat! We beeped at him and I gave him the finger because I'm a bitch when it comes to driving, lol, and we wanted him to get the point to back off. We couldn;t figure out why he seemed so angry at us, when there was a mile long line in front of us so its not like we could go anywhere, and nor could he! Well at one point he decides to actually drive onto the shoulder and pass us, and jam himself behind the car in front of us! We could not for the life of us figure out why he HAD to get in front of our car, just to continue sitting in traffic... people are stupid and crazy.

[deleted account]

I've never had that happen to me personally. I don't usually let people back in if they drive off the road by their own choice and I guess it's possible that someone could turn agressive as a result of that. I would never expect people to get that mad just because I wouldn't let them back in when they were the ones who voluntarily drove off the road onto the shoulder. I guess if a person gets that mad then simply waving them to pull back onto the road ahead of me is pretty futile. They've probably already made up their mind that they're gonna kick my butt no matter what.

Like I said, I would mind my own business and not block the shoulder and their is no excuse for that person kicking the car just because they were driving on the shoulder, thas just silly.

Tah - posted on 10/02/2010




@Allison..if i'm out then there is no waving me back in...should have thought of that first..my husband suggested i get out and kung fu the lady in the car because he was just so irritated that she was doing that and with the guy who got out and kicked the car and my husband said if that had been my truck he kicked he would have gotten out and thrashed that guy and just took the fine for using his hands as a weapon since he boxes...and he was serious....he beat a guy with a trash can for taking his clothes out of the dryer...anger management and age have helped..but dont test him..lol...

[deleted account]

No I wouldn't confront anyone and I wouldn't try to block the side either. I won't usually let them back in if they're using the side to overtake, but if they actually went as far as to get out of their car or make threatening gestures, I would probably wave them back in for my own safety. So yes, I would mind my own business, but I don't blame other people for getting ticked off about this sort of thing. I personally wouldn't risk my safety for this reason though.

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You have NO idea how badly I had to pee....we had already been sitting in traffic for two hours and had barely moved. The exit was a mile away and I knew if I didn't get to a washroom I was literally going to pee my pants. Hell, I would have gone in the bush IF there had been a bush. People need to be careful.....I was delerious because I had to go so badly and she was gonna get hurt. Luckily for her, she saw me getting out of my vehicle and she put her middle finger down in time to quickly roll up her windows and lock her doors.

I want to add that I'm normally not violent but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Rosie - posted on 10/02/2010




lol dana!! taking on some bitch cause she won't let you pee!! classic!! wish i had big dangly balls like that, sigh.
i think that not only is it stupid to concern yourself with what other people are doing (really who gives a fuck), it's dangerous. how do you know they don't have a gun. one of my friends had a knife shown at her after SHE was cut off and she screamed out the window "bitch!!" then the lady flashed a knife and followed her for blocks!! you never know how crazy people are. you aren't the police, don't act like one!!

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"but if people are doing it in the hope of getting ahead so they can barge their way back in futher down the line then NO WAY am I letting them back in." ~ Alison

Alison, I think you totally have the right to not let them back in, but, would you really confront an angry driver for driving on the side of the road, no matter what the reason for it is? Is it seriously worth the risk? Ya, it pisses me off too but I'm not going to confront another angry motorist. Dangerous in my opinion. You just never know.

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It depends on why they are driving on the side. If it's just a few cars that want to take the next exit then fine, but if people are doing it in the hope of getting ahead so they can barge their way back in futher down the line then NO WAY am I letting them back in. They should just wait their turn in line like everyone else.

You also have to bear in mind that an emergency vehicle might be in need of the side during a traffic jam. Back in the UK where I learnt to drive they take a very dim view of people who drive down the side for this very reason. If your on the side without permission or a very good reason, you will get a ticket.

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I TOTALLY agree with you Tah, and as a matter of fact, I was just having the same conversation with my mom while we were driving the other day. MIND UR BUSINESS! You don't know someone situation and someone would honestly get in a confrontation and potentially put their life at risk to stop another motorist? I don't get!

I actually got out of my car years back when I was commuting to work and tried to pull some bitch out of her car because she did the exact same thing and I was about to pee MY pants. NOT COOL! She was scared and rolled up her window and locked her doors and while it wasn't my proudest moment, it was NONE OF HER BUSINESS. Her "Joe Hero" attitude changed QUICKLY when confronted.

April - posted on 10/02/2010




it's none of my business if other people want to put themselves in a position to get a ticket. it is also none of THEIR business to try to stop traffic or direct traffic unless they're cops or crossing guards, etc...

C. - posted on 10/02/2010





I'm with you, Tah.. If they want to drive on the side of the road and get a ticket, that's THEIR business. Besides, someone could be dying or in labor and seriously need to get to the hospital or something. It's NOBODY'S business to block the side of the road b/c there are SOME people that may need to get by in the event of an emergency, regardless of whether there is a cop with them or not.

And COME ON! You're going to make a girl wait to use the bathroom b/c of a soccer game???? It's not like girls can run into the bushes and whip it out.

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