MLMs (Mid Level Marketing) and Pushy Friends

Mrs. - posted on 06/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




In my circle of friends, many people are becoming involved with MLMs (Arbonne, Mary Kay, various diet shake companies, etc.). I have issues with MLMs and don't like putting my money toward those kind of businesses. It seems like every other week, however, I have one of my facebook friends contact me with a special "party invite" for women who want to be "empowered" or have an exciting opportunity they know I'm just going to love being a part of. I've tried very hard to address these messages politely and with a gentle "no", but I'm finding that it doesn't always work.

So, I'm wondering: what is the best way to say "no" to a friend when what they are doing is doesn't jive with your values? In particular, how do you say "no" to a friend who is heavily involved in one of these companies while still trying to maintain the same level of friendship (that doesn't involve purchasing anything from them or signing up for anything)? Has anyone found a surefire way to shut down the sales pitch without hurting the person/friendship?


~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/03/2013




I am just honest. I tell them I am not interested in the products, or have no need for them. It is hard though.

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