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I thought this was beautiful and interesting. The artists are very concerned with the temporary nature of our current development trends and are trying to raise awareness for more responsible growth. Tell me what you think!

(it is a 4 minute video and a very short article)


The Avett Brothers have released a new video for "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise," from the band's latest album I And Love And You. It's a spare but stunning work of art, featuring the animated paintings of Jason Ryan Mitcham. The video shows the rise, fall and inevitable decay of rampant urban development.

"Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise" was written about the temporary nature of our buildings and our mentality," says Scott Avett. "Accepting the temporary state we may be in. (Artist) Jason (Ryan Mitcham) with his landscape paintings, and some that I'd seen that he'd animated, dealt with the temporary nature of the world around us."

Rather than make a bunch of different paintings for the animation, Mitcham gradually altered a single painting 26-hundred times. Ten alterations to the painting equaled one second of film.

The Avett Brothers are currently on tour in support of I And Love And You. The band also plans to release a new CD and DVD set of live performances on Oct. 5 called Live, Volume 3.

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oops! Thank you, Crista, It worked when I tried it yesterday, I'll try to copy and paste the whole thing.

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