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This is not a debate. I'm just curious and I figure someone in this community knows the answer. Today I've seen at least 6 commercials for the Mormon church (tv is on as background noise). Each highlights a church member and the church members are diverse. There's a mom that's an artist and doesn't like to cook. There's a motorcycle dude. There's a Hispanic guy who is a former addict. I don't remember what else. Anyway, I was just wondering why the sudden advertising from the Mormon church? Have they been under fire for something recently?


Jenny - posted on 07/26/2010




Yes, they are in major need of a PR campaign. They were found guilty of backing Prop 8, although the fine was ridiculously low. They have been investing Billions of dollars (with a capital B) in commercial ventures. They have been accused of being too "white". There's tons of other issues too.

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I don't know. I do know, however, that there has been a major upswing in religious commercials as a whole. The religion I am a part of (Methodist) has started a major commercial campaign in the last few years or so, and I know the Catholic church has as well. It really doesn't suprise me that the Mormon Church is doing it as well.

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