Mother Hires Man to Rape Daughter

Katherine - posted on 02/05/2011 ( 22 moms have responded )




Firstly: Wow I mean how do you even respond to this sick and twisted act of injustice? How could a mother even do this?

When our kids hit adulthood, it's perfectly normal for us moms to start fantasizing about becoming grandmothers. By the time our kids are grown, it's been eons since we've been able to seriously spoil a little one. And who among us doesn't want a piece of the grandma pie? -- all the baby cuddling and loving without losing any sleep!

So sure, we might catch ourselves dropping subtle hints to our married kids -- "You know, I'm not going to be around forever ..."

One mother, however, seriously lost her mind with grandma lust. She decided she wanted to be a grandparent so badly she was willing to hire a man to rape her daughter in hopes that the attack would result in a pregnancy -- a grandbaby. Say it with me -- WTF???

Well, thank God, the 51-year-old South African mother and the hired rapist have both been arrested. Unfortunately, they were both arrested too late. The 24-year-old daughter of the woman was raped by the hired "hit man" in her home on Sunday.

A police spokesman said:

This young woman was raped and it appears her attacker had been set up to commit the crime by her own mother. [The mother] was desperate to be a grandmother but her daughter was not showing any signs of wanting a baby. That is when she decided to arrange for a man to make her pregnant against her wishes.

It is too early to know whether or not a pregnancy has resulted from this attack, and who knows how a forced pregnancy might further emotionally damage the young woman? My heart breaks for this woman who has been damaged three-fold: by her mother, by a rapist, and possibly by a pregnancy she did not choose.

Obviously, I cannot imagine ever ever ever being so desperate to become a grandmother that I would have my own daughter physically and emotionally assaulted in this way. It's atrocious. It's not even self-centered as much as it's completely and certifiably insane.

Can you believe a mother plotted this horrific crime against her own child?


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Bonnie - posted on 02/07/2011




Wow, really makes you wonder how some people's minds work sometimes.

Desiree - posted on 02/06/2011




I just read the article in the Sowetan which is the paper that it first came out it. ( I had to make sure that it wasn't some made up story, you wouldn't believe how often that happens) I am deeply shocked that anyone could resort to such practices. I am very surprised it didn't hit the major papers though. Unless I was asleep that day....

As far as I am concerned it is the same as selling your daughter to the highest bidder. It is disgusting and with our HIV rate. It just goes to show the logic of people. I wish there was a way for me to explain a number of things that many people are not aware of regarding Africa but unless you live here its very difficult to understand their way of thinking and acting.

[deleted account]

OH MY GOODNESS!! This is too much to even sink in right now! No words can describe how sick and twisted this is, I really hope she isn't pregnant

Nadia - posted on 02/05/2011




WTF is wrong with people these days!?!?!?!? To do that to your own kid? Seriously, i hope she gets her just rewards and gets raped a thousand times a day in prison. I know that sounds horrible, but you don't do that to your own child! My heart goes out to this poor young woman and i honestly hope that she isn't pregnant!!!

Sharon - posted on 02/05/2011




There aren't words. But I see a lot of images in my head. There's a considerable amount of blood and missing or at least, detached parts.

Sara - posted on 02/05/2011




And what kiind of man meets with this woman and thinks that being hired to rape someone is a good idea? That's fucked up.

Veronica - posted on 02/05/2011




This is just as bad or worse than parents who sell of their little 5 or 6 year olds to sex slaves, where they are raped and forced to have sex with all kinds of sick asses in the world. So much ugliness and horrid shit in this world - i guess we need to pray for the young woman for strength to get through all of this. I just cant even imagine... I dont even know what else to say...

Becky - posted on 02/05/2011




Wow! I'm stunned. The woman is clearly off her rocker, but how sad that her daughter now has to deal with this for the rest of her life.

Jenni - posted on 02/05/2011




Obviously the mother is suffering from some kind of mental illness... sounds like a pathological narcisist.

Sara - posted on 02/05/2011




That is horrible. What a selfish, crazy-ass lady. I don't care how much I wanted grandchildren, I would want my child hurt in order to get that. Holy shit.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/05/2011




I just don't even know how to respond to this. I would never let this women back in my life again, that is for sure.

Melissa - posted on 02/05/2011




thats horrible the poor woman :( she will be scarred for life. SO cruel. Sadly so many parents do such horrible things to their kids these days it just gets worse and worse. I cant imagine what she was thinking clearly she is not in the right frame of mind

Rosie - posted on 02/05/2011




um WTF??? south african men have a waaaaay high rate of hiv, she also probably signed her daughters death warrant. what a cunt, i hope she rots.

[deleted account]

WOW!! I really did say wtf like ten times while i was reading this! that is horrible! And if she is pregnant your right she has to deal with having a pregnancy due to rape and then having to deal with making the decision to abort a harmless little baby, keep the baby and be reminded of how he came about, or put it up for adoption no matter what the memory will always be there. It sickens me how can a mother do this!! Um ok you wanna be a grandma. . . wth! Some moms are crazy. My fiances mom ( nothing compared to this mother) however is a terrible person. she wanted her son to have a baby ever since he was 13. And im not saying oh when you get older i want you to give me grandkids no it was "hey when are you gonna have a baby already?" yea and they were all poor and yet they still wanted their boys to have kids young and stay in that horrible cycle! I just dont get some mothers ( and thats not even the worst of it im telling you this woman horrible and has no part in our family) Its like something went wrong in their heads~

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