mothers intuition and urban myth verus common sence and proven knowledge

Sal - posted on 05/05/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




last night i was looking through pages on aspergers (i am almost certain now that my teen is a small amount effected) and noticed on one site (i think it was the mayo clinic so not some shonky site) it stated in no uncertain terms in the causes section that childhood immumisation was in no way linked to aspergeres or any part of the autism spectrum (my words not an exact quote) it really got me wondering even when we are told things over and over and over the proof is right there to see some people still choose to follow popular myths or claim mothers intution when common sence clearly says they are wrong, we have all heard of the cases where mum was right about a particualr issue with her indvidual child i am ne of them, but i am talking the big ones, like immunisation, "causing" autism, and diet "curing" autism (a lady from autism spectrum austraila was on the radio about this one recently also which also added to my querry) she said that some times diet might make a child feel better but it doesn't "cure" it....another one that i have found is the white tailed spider bite, i along with heaps of aussies were of the belief that this beast casues massive sores that lead to amutation and disfigurement, i was stunned when a heard and interview with the head of (for want of another term) insect bites at one of austraila major hospitals, who said it was just a myth, if someone wh actually sees the spider bite them, catches that actual spider and brings it to the er with them never (he was very specific to say never) the sores never happen, the stories come from people who have the sore then remember seeing a white tail spider, or think they have been bitten and scratch and make it sore and that causes the infection, it is also quiet often people who aren't well and more predisposed to infection anyway (over weight, bad circulation, elderly, diabeics)then the media grab a story and we all think it is fact........

SO why is it we choose to believe media myths, old wives tales and uneducated gossip from freinds and neighbours rather than educated researched advice from experts???

(this is not an immunisation debate, that was just the example that got me thinking)


Amber - posted on 05/05/2011




My psychology professor gave us one of her favorite quotes:

"Blind faith: Because thinking is hard work"

I'm pretty sure that sums up how I feel about it. It's easier to believe the first thing you hear than to spend time digging through all the information and forming your own opinion. Some people are easily persuaded and are very gullible. You add fear to that....and they'll believe just about anything they are told.

Others aren't really gullible, but once they have a belief they have a hard time admitting they are wrong. So, they hold fast to ideas and argue their point because it's better to be controversial than wrong....

Charlie - posted on 05/06/2011




"So, if we live, eat, and remain close to the earth, we are better off."

A lot of people know this instinctually ..ironically for some people it took science to convince them of this .

JuLeah - posted on 05/06/2011




We once believed the world was flat (some still do) we once believed the sun revolved around the Earth. Some believe God created life as we know it in just 7 days about 2,000 yr ago. Science now understands the Earth is far older then we have believed for generations.

My mother believes, in a double sink, dishes must be washed on the right side or they won't come clean. If I ever washed them on the left, she redid them.

Some 'old wives tales' are true and save lives, some are just tales.

Our best science felt fourmla was better then breast milk - scientists admitted they didn't even understand what was in breast milk, but felt what they cooked up in a lab was better - and, women ought to be flat on their backs while in labour, and, medication must be used.

The science and expert opinion about what shots to give your kids changes every ten years or so ... meds are pull from the shelf cause additional research suggests they can kill you ....

I personally think many of the old ways are best .... it makes sense to me that we evolved on this planet as and we did, so did our food source and all we might need to stay healthy .... it is true for all other animals.

So, if we live, eat, and remain close to the earth, we are better off.

But, I think what you are really asking is, "Why don't people think?"

We walk from the mall to our car reading bumper stickers and developing life philosophies .... we seem to think and talk in bumper sticker and really have no idea what we are saying ( we will fight to the death to prove we are right) but really don't have a clue. I don't know, but I find myself every more upset and annoyed by this everyday.

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"Blind faith: Because thinking is hard work"

That is my new favorite expression to explain everything . . . .


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If you think your child has Aspergers try this questionnaire.

My problem with "expert" advice is that you never know who is paying for the research, or if the expert is biased or affiliated with a company that may benefit from a certain result.

My grandfather was told many years ago by his doctor (an educated medical professional) that smoking was good for his health, my doctor put me on the wrong dose of drug for 5 years because he didn't trust new research that proved a tenth of the dose was sufficient . A friend's architect (another educated professional) pushed her to have a certain brand of building materials because they were the best (and the company gave him a free holiday)

I trust my grandmothers old wives tales regarding non serious issues (coughs and colds etc) as she is usually right and has no interests other than making me feel better.

Stifler's - posted on 05/05/2011




Because often times it's easier to do the *tried and true* rather than put in the hard yards and do the right thing. I'm not referring to cereal in bottles vs. just feeding your kids more milk feeds or anything......

[deleted account]

Because confirmation bias is very compelling. Plus in regard to the vaccine issue, people already have a distrust of pharmaceutical companies justified or not therefore they were an easy easy target for that shameful scam that caused the deaths of children.

It's the same reason people believe in ghosts, psychics and good luck charms. We pay attention to the hits and ignore the misses. I do it all day at work. For example, when I'm assisting a customer with an FSA I have to use one specific system. I always gripe that no matter what, when I close out of that one after not getting an FSA call for hours, my next call is always an FSA call. Naturally that's not what happens but my brain only registers the times it does.

Jayce - posted on 05/05/2011




We believe urban legends, gossip etc. because it sounds like it could be true. None of those myths are so unbelievable that you can't help but think maybe it is true.

Charlie - posted on 05/05/2011




"SO why is it we choose to believe media myths, old wives tales and uneducated gossip from freinds and neighbours rather than educated researched advice from experts???"

I was wondering this myself the other day , with all the technology , scientific advances in research and study , with all the up to date information people STILL choose to believe hearsay and myths .... they say ignorance is bliss , ignorance is just lazy idiocy . .

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