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I have always taken supplements like magnesium and zinc, iron and silica. Who else takes multivitamins? Do you personally think they have made a difference to your health? Or are they a load of BS? What about during your pregnancy?

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I agree with Kathy because generally people do not need to take vitamin supplements as they are getting adequate levels from their diet, so by buying them people are just lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies who mislead people into believing they need them!

In my experience taking vitamins (my dad made us when we were kids - he's obsessed haha!) made no difference to how I felt. The only time I do agree with taking vitamins is folic acid for the first trimester of pregnancy because it has been proven to aid development in foetuses.

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i've taken a multi vitamin and also all the pregnancy and brestfeeding vitamins at that time.
I don't find that they change anything but my mum swears by them. I suppose everyone is different.

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I've never taken them, and won't, unless there are specific reasons (run down, poor diet etc).In my opinion, there's no point in making the rich pharmaceutical companies even richer. If I feel run down it indicatesd to me that I haven't been watching my diet and have to do something about it.

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You know you need them when you have obvious signs of deficiencies... like crap skin and cramps every day even if you're eating a balanced diet.

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I have them, but I generally don't take them, unless I am pregnant. I just forget and can't be bothered! But, when I'm pregnant, I do take them every day, mostly for the folic acid. That's so important to baby's development, I want to make sure I'm getting enough!

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How do you know you actually need suppliments? I think the problem with them is unless you have a blood test you don't know if you need them and can end up very ill.
Everyone knows how good orange juice is for you so my Dad would drink 2 or 3 glasses a day.
About a month before he donated his kidney to me he had a blood test and his potassium was through the roof.

Point is too much of a "good" thing could turn out not to be.

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I normally don't take vitamins, because I have IBS/digestion problems, and the vitamins really mess me up even moreso. I don't doubt their power though, so I make myself take them as often as I can during pregnancy. I wish I could take them every day, but even the prenatals I was prescribed (which are easier on my system than OTC) I can only take every 2 or 3 days otherwise my tummy gets very unhappy.

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OMG that happened to me too. Swisse Ultivites Pregnancy made me sick every time I took them.

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I have been taking prenatals, more or less regularly, since becoming pregnant with my son. I do not think taking a vitamin can or should replace a healthy diet, but I know that I don't always eat the best and I take them to make sure I'm not deficient in anything important.

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I'm not a fan, I don't believe that a body can absorb all the vitamins in a multi vitamin. I was given pre natal vitamins boith my pregnancies and had to stop them within a week because they made my nausea SO much worse, I just couldn't stomach them.

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I take mutivitamins twice every day. I don't think it's made a difference in my health. Recently I've read some articles comparing those who took multivitamins over long periods of time vs those who took none and there were not any noticeable differences in their health. I still take them, better safe than sorry I suppose.

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I took my prenatal vitamins religiously through both pregnancies and for a few months after the pregnancies. They really did make me feel good. Now, I don't take a vitamin at all but am considering starting some to help boost my energy levels. I keep flintstone vitamins in the house for the kids but they don't take them daily...probably about 3 days a week. They could probably do without as they are healthy, active kids but they do sometimes go into their picky eating spells and I figure it can't hurt!

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I was exhausted after my 2nd pregnancy and my mum brought me some BF multivitamins and for me it worked i wasn't as tired and i generally felt better.
In general though i don't take them as i try to eat a well balanced diet.

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Vit B definitely gives me a perk up , i always take multivitamins when i am pregnant i have Iron deficiency and can easily become anemic i dont think it can hurt to have that little bit extra especially if your vomiting a lot during pregnancy although recent studies say taking folate in the last month of pregnancy can increase risk of asthma but you know there are so many studies saying EVERYTHING LOL.

I generally eat fairly healthy , i dont think i need a multi but i should be taking iron supplements .

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