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Sarah - posted on 11/23/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




So i was watching X factor, and one the contestants is a young single mother. She has said on a few occasions that she is taking part in the show to give her child a 'better life'.
It got me to thinking about whether it IS a good way to start a 'better life'. While the show is running, she only see's her son once a week (it might be all w/e i'm not sure).
Suppose she wins the show? With all the publicity work, recording of songs/albums and TV appearances etc, how much time will she be able to spend with him then??

I'm not picking on this person specifically, there's many other examples.
There was a woman who went on Big Brother, and her child was very young (about 6 months i think) and if she had stayed for the entirety of the show, she would have been away from her young baby for nearly 4 months (i think!)

So i guess my debate is, is it worth missing out on your child's life to pursue fame??
Will the kids truly have a 'better life' ? Granted, there will be more money, but the time missed with their mother seems like a high price to pay for me personally.


Louise - posted on 11/24/2009




I didn't pursue fame, but here's a short story. I was a single parent.

I left my son in the care of his grandpa for 2 years. Why? To find a job in the US. I come from a 3rd world country where poverty is rampant. My fear of not providing for my son was so strong, I pushed myself to make the toughest decisions. Now I'm happily reunited with my kid. I'm a better mom for him, going through the experiences I had.

I'm not the only mom who left to find work abroad. My mom did the same thing, and so do millions from our country. Are they all bad mothers for trying to provide basic needs? Probably not.

You're right, it's a high price to pay. But you need to look at the long-term, not just short term effects on the child. But if moms believe the benefits outweigh the cost, then they have nothing to worry about.


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Sharon - posted on 11/24/2009




eh. Its not for me - but if it works for them, I guess its ok. They reap what they sow, and if they sow nothing, they get nothing.

Lindsay - posted on 11/24/2009




I am a Survivor fanatic (it's my guilty pleasure) and before my daughter was born my husband and I went to a live audition for the show. I would LOVE to go on the show, but it will have to stay on the air for quite sometime before I can leave my daughter for that long (or the baby currently gestating).

Lindsay - posted on 11/23/2009




It's a tough call. When someone is struggling financially and see the opportunity to make that situation better and "easier" for them, I can understand it to an extent. On American Idol, there are always many parents that try out for the show. I think they keep the kids close but it's still a schedule that would make it had to get much quality time. Would I ever condemn any of them for thier choice? No but I don't think it would be one I could make.

Sometimes though you have to do what you can to provide for your family. There is no guarantee with these shows but there is a chance. Josh has a job that requires some travelling and sometimes misses things that happen around here. He does it so that I am able to stay with them now and still live comfortably.

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