Mummy Mafia!

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Ok, here's a definition i found :

A group of soccer moms who can talk about nothing besides their kids, their kid's teacher, their kid's father, their kid's diaper rash, their kid's schedule. They are also fiercely competitive over who is the best mother and whose kid is the best. They are usually white, wealthy, suburban, and BORING! They can also be catty, bitchy, passive-aggressive, and BORING!

Lines you will hear between members of the mommy mafia:

Pat - "Katie is the smartest in her class."

Sue - "Well Timmy was voted most popular by his teacher."

Jan - "Bob just got a promotion so I'm taking the kids to Disney."

ME - "You're all BORING! What am I doing here?"

Does the mummy mafia exist? Had any run in's with them? Are you a member??


Konda - posted on 11/20/2009




That's not me then, you hear me say, 'God I hope Nicholas doesn't get kicked out of preschool'. Oh and soccer, he left the field crying every time he didn't get the about embarrassed, yeah, he's only three, but still......I am no Mafia Mom.

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I think my husbands on the verge of joining the Daddy Mafia. He's always boasting about how smart our son is. I'm worried that he will start to get a swelling head because of it. I just see our son as a regular naughty boy and I'm happy with that.

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Ha..I'm glad this topic was brought back up. I think I joined this community after it was first posted because I haven't seen it. But YES I know the mommy mafia!

My daughter and I go to a toddler/pre-school music and movement class called Music Together. I'm one of the only mom that does not drive an SUV (2001 Sentra here) and dress my daughter in all GAP (consignment all the way here) and live in a country club (we live in the real country) and are already enrolled in the Montessori school (she'll go to public). I think we'll somehow survive!

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Funny! Honestly, I don't know very many of these mafia type moms at all! My circle is other teacher moms and we all have the same concerns that you guys listed above: apologizing for what my kid did wrong, teaching my kid how to play by the rules in sports, trying to diffuse tantrums, and acknowledging that my kid is far from perfect! I also ways get a kick out of moms who describe their genius, academically advanced child. The last school 4 years have been devoted to Gifted Education and all of my Master's Degree research and work has been in this field. I also mentored under the state's most recognizable name in Gifted Education and one thing she taught me is to politely smile when parents go off on a rant on their genius child. Don't get me wrong, I definately have high achieving Gifted learners, but only 2 at the "genius" level. And trust me, those are the 2 parents who are most humle about their child's accomplishments.

Patricia - posted on 03/14/2010




Yes, unfortunately it does exist and I think the only reason it does, is because the parents of these kids are doing and saying what they are, because if they were to talk about themselves.....that would be more boring. So, they promote their children and their accomplishments..that they have PROBABLY forced upon their children. Like when my kids were in drama...sometimes they would get a good part, while most the time they would just get small a mother, I was happy either way...but there were those parents that pretty much demanded their child to get that leading role. We had one mother that even went as far as buying her daughter's costume on line because we wouldn't want her daughter to wear just any old costume like the rest of the children wore...her daughter had the lead role, therefore her daughter should have the best costume...the sad thing, what this parent didn't realize, that by doing makes the other children feel some animosity towards her daughter...Parents just need to let their kids be without all the DRAMA

Tah - posted on 03/14/2010




i think i saw one, she was peeling out of the mall parking lot in her soccer carpooler and i noticed the "my kid can beat up your honor roll student and i love him for that" sticker was scratched off my truck.....sheesh....reckless, she scared me and you have no clue the things i used to

Jess - posted on 03/13/2010




I don't think you have to look far to find the Mamma Mafia here on COM's ! Even in Premie baby groups there has to be the Alpha Mum !

So here it is, My baby, is the cutest, smartest, smallest, heaviest, tallest shortest, her eyes are every shade of the rainbow, sleeps all night but never sleeps, she is a great breastfeeder from a bottle, and she was born with a job offer from NASA !

OK I think I got a few good ones in there.... I win !!!! Now we can all stop all trying to compete !

Now on a serious note, yes these mothers exisit, and often they compete over some very horrid things, like who's baby was the most premie, who's baby has the most medical conditions, who spent the longest time in NICU.... Seriously who would want to win those titles ???

Charlie - posted on 11/27/2009




I lived in Bondi home place of the yummy mummy / yippy mummy ( yippy : try hard hippy yuppies from the highest earning bracket ) who all drive BMW 4 wheel drives that have never seen a bush track or scrap of dirt , have all their kids in designer everything , one of the kids in my class had Calvin Klein undies he would often wet them and i would have to change him into a new pair , all talk about how smart , fast , strong , how many modeling contracts their kids have had or always bringing in their kids newest TV advertisement for us to watch before it airs ( oh lucky us ) .

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I pretty sure that my hubby works at their main headquarters (his school is full of them), thankfully we live in a differrent area.

As for my son, yeah I love to brag about him but I don't want to make anyone else feel bad in the process. And I try to keep the bragging to a minimum, I'd look silly if he turned out to be the kid in the back of the class eating glue :-p

Johnny - posted on 11/21/2009




Well, I'd love to one-up all those other mommies but I'm usually too busy apologizing for my daughter pushing their kid over and stealing their toys.

One of the reasons that I love my neighborhood is because I've yet to meet one of the mafia mommies around here. Almost every parent I've encountered at play groups, Strong Start, swimming, singing etc. has been super friendly and very much connected to their kids. No one seems at all interested in competing in the "whose kid is smartest" game, but instead most joke about the silly thing their kid did or how we're going to afford daycare.

I used to live in an area full of these type of mommies. Where I grew up, that was totally the case. Designer children's clothes, how young your child learned to ski at, what rank they were in the country club golf tournament. My mom tried to participate, and I just ended up feeling like a loser because of it. I was never the best ballerina, the fastest skier or the best dressed. And the fact that we participated made me feel like crap. It would have been better if Mom had just rejected it all and let me be a kid, but the pressure was pretty intense. I definitely don't want my daughter to experience that atmosphere. This might sound funny, but I'd rather that she had strong self-esteem than great success.

Ez - posted on 11/20/2009




I try really hard not to ear-bash people with all of Milla's achievements (she is already a member of MENSA after all :-p).

Seriously though, talking about what your kids are doing is one thing. Gloating in a way that's supposed to make others uncomfortable is something else entirely. Both my step-sisters have babies around the same age as mine and I'm very conscious of not doing the "... yeah Milla started doing that 3 weeks ago" thing when they tell me something new that their sons are doing. I just go with the.."oh that's great" thing and leave Milla out of it unless they ask.

Lindsay - posted on 11/20/2009




Oh, it's alive and well here! I have a few family members that I would classify to this group. They are paying $10,000 per semester for a "top notch" preschool. I am paying $200 per semester for a public one. When they urged me to send Madeline and Cooper there, their main thing was that all staff was required to have a master's degree. They were sadly disappointed that our nice little cheap preschool had the same criteria.

I can't say that I never brag about my kids because I do. They are good kids and I love them to death. But the whole competition thing just isn't for me. =)

Sharon - posted on 11/20/2009




Yes I work with one of the mommy nazis, she's a stupid scary bitch.... although... she was only there my first day and I haven't seen her since..

JL - posted on 11/20/2009




Oh..they do exist and usually their kids are in private schools, which they never fail to continuely tell us parents who have kids in public schools about how their kids had to"test" to get into those schools and blah, blah, blah and how that obviously means their kids are friggin Einstein in the making . In the meantime while they are telling me this I can see their little "genius" running around in circles eating his boogers.

I have run into these type of women before in the military world we refer to them as officers wives, because they also like to act like they carry their husbands rank. In fact these women are my neighbors. Funny thing I am a officers wive yet I cannot stand officers wives so I pretty much have pissed off most of the women I live by with my smartass remarks to their obnxious bragging and one upping.

When I first moved over into officers housing a few of them came over and asked me what school my daughter went to. I told them Freedom Park which is the military school on base and they all looked at me and said...Oh, public school. They then told me about how buffy and warren or whatever dumb names they named their dorky kids were at private schools. I just looked at them because they were so rude and said.... well I guess I just don't love my child enough to put her in a private school....Oh well, hopefully she won't turn out like me since I went to public schools. One of the ladies looked at me and said what is that suppose to me and I said..... well lets see I have a Masters Degree and am going to start working on my PH.D next year....those public schools were just horrible for me look at where I am now educationally.... they just stomped away and I have not talked to them sense...boohoo.

I am a member of the who cares I just want a happy, healthy, loving, caring and respectful kid mommy group.

Jenny - posted on 11/20/2009




lol, YES it exists.

I don't worry about them too much because my family makes more than anyone else's in my kid's school and my daughter is at the head of her class and is the most popular *grabs Chanel bag and Gucci shades and struts away*

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