Murder in the family

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I was watching CSI reruns while in the hospital last week and one of the episodes was about a family which had a little boy who accidentally burned the house down and killed his older sister in the process. Watching the show, I couldn't tell if the boy felt any remorse for the death of his sister. The kid was a good actor, haha.

On a more serious note, however, what would you do in this sort of situation?

How would you react if you found out your child killed his or her sibling?

Would it make a difference if it was by accident or on purpose?

Would it be okay (well, as okay as it could be) if your child did it by accident but showed no remorse?


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Becky - posted on 01/10/2011




I don't even like to think about this, but I have. Cole is only 2 and has, on occassion been aggressive with his little brother. Never to the point where he'd kill him, but I do worry sometimes, what if he pushes him on the stairs or something and kills or paralyzes him? I think in that case, with them being so young, I'd blame myself, because obviously I wasn't supervising them closely enough. If they were older, I don't know. Bottom line, the one who killed the other would still be my child, and I'd still love him, but I don't know if I could ever look at him the same again, even if it was an accident. I'd always see his brother when I looked at him, I think.
It would definitely make a difference whether it was an accident or on purpose.
Really, I don't know exactly how I'd react, and I pray to God I NEVER have to find out!

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I had a baby girl and her name is Juliana Raine n.n

My little brother is a lot like that. He was worse when he was younger, though.

And I don't know the answer to my own questions so I'll sit this out and just read everyone else's replies.

Sharon - posted on 01/10/2011




I've kind of thought about this a lot. A family we know - the oldest was an ass, rolled his dads' pickup truck with his two sisters inside. Usually he made them ride in the bed of the truck so when we got the news we thought the worst.

But for some reason, that day he let them ride in the cab. They were buckled up. I NEVER saw that boy show any emotion except when he thought about how he could have killed his sisters. But I'm not sure if they were tears for the trouble he would have been in or relief they were alive or what.

Then there are all these stories about family members running over children in the driveway. DAMN.

What if my mom lost one of my kids while they were on one of their many outings?

Yeah I've thought about it and i have NO ANSWERS. Its so utterly terrifying to me I just can't put myself there.

For me, if you kill my child, I'll hate you. Thats easy. If its my own child who hurts or kills his sibling.... I THINK I can probably forgive but to completely let go of the bitterness? I swear I just don't know. I like to think that we would find a way to forgive eachother, forgive themselves, but there is that part of me that says "oh so you're happy? Seeing your first born? Well your sibling isn't here to see it or see their own." Seriously ugh very very very hard. But I still hope that shit never happens and I never need to figure it out.

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Since I know my kids.... if any of them ever accidently killed one of the other... it would devastate them completely.

So I have no idea how I would deal w/ the situation you are describing.

Rosie - posted on 01/10/2011




i honestly don't know how i'd feel. i know it would make a difference if it was an accident or on purpose.
this one always gets to me a little because my oldest child has problems with his emotions, and understanding other peoples emotions. it's like he doesn't care about anybody else, even though i know he does. i've kindof wondered about this situation (showing no remorse for an accident), and with my oldest son i think it would be something i could forgive, because he just doesn't do emotions well. if it were my other 2 i'd have a harder time with it.

by the way, what did you have, and what did you name??lol!

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