My 13 year old stepson will not flush the toilet. He leaves it while he showers. It feels like a game as I have lost count how many times I have told him. I have taken away his game time but he just takes the time out and then carries on not flushing. He has now taken to telling me that he has flushed when he clearly has not. I am finding him hard to get on with now.


Jodi - posted on 02/16/2015




I just came and reread this post and was thinking that if it is only that he doesn't flush when he showers....are the toilet and shower in the same room? If so, I will add I wait to flush until after I've showered too because otherwise it causes my shower water to be all over the place with the temperature because our plumbing is crap. I just flush after my shower.

Jodi - posted on 02/07/2015




Consequences. Honestly, at 13 he knows better. It sounds like just removing privileges isn't working. How about if the punishment fit the crime? Every time he makes the choice not to flush, he needs to clean the toilets in the house, or the bathroom.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/12/2015




Honestly? Is this that big of a deal? In my home, the rule is "No floaters, no flush". In other words, if there's shit in the toilet, flush. If you've just peed in the toilet, don't waste water.

This is also easy to fix. Every time he doesn't flush, you wait until he's in the shower, and YOU do it...which makes the shower go cold, the kid screams, you say "well, if you'd flushed before..." After a couple of raging cold sessions, he'll get the picture.

HOWEVER...he's your stepson. What are the 'usual' habits in this area? Does his dad flush every time? What's the rule at his mother's home? You need to look at that...because it could be the underlying root of the issue.

Raye - posted on 02/05/2015




My 7 year old stepson doesn't always flush. We don't flush for him. We make him stop what he's doing and go flush the toilet and wash his hands. We know he isn't doing it on purpose, though.

Your 13 y/o sounds like he's trying to get on your nerves. Don't get mad, but keep making him flush it and keep taking away his privileges. For him it probably is a game. You have to outlast him. Hopefully it's not all on you to discipline him... the father should be involved to make him do what he should be doing.

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