my partner mother 70 birthday in december my parnter said we should ask his xwife i was so upset his chilren r adults why would he do that.


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Jodi - posted on 11/28/2012




We invited my husband's exes (2 of them) to his father's 80th, because they have continued a relationship with them over the years for the sake of the kids. When you marry someone with a history, previous marriages, children, etc, it can be very complicated. You have to be mature enough to accept that just because they divorced, doesn't mean they don't have some sort of relationship, or that other people don't have a relationship with the ex. I don't believe in making people choose sides, because the only people it hurts is the children.....even if the children are adults (which my step-daughter now is).

So my advice is to get over it. There is nothing to be jealous about - he chose you, remember?

Dove - posted on 11/27/2012




Say what?

Maybe his mother likes his ex-wife and would like her to celebrate with them..... Nothing wrong with that. My stepsister and brother-in-law (don't have kids) are getting a divorce and I'm still keeping him as a brother-in-law and an uncle to my kids.

HER birthday isn't about you, it's about his mother and unless she can't stand his ex-wife... it makes sense (at least somewhat) to me.

Ev - posted on 11/27/2012




Are you married to this man? Maybe his ex-wife has had a good relationship despite the divorce. I have a good one with my former mother inlaw. There is nothing wrong with her going to help celebrate this as long as they get along well.

[deleted account]

This is why I push my son so much in English class. Clarity in writing is so essential. As you can see, neither of the first 2 respondents were able to offer aid as we cannot read your posting.

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