My son hits his girlfriend

Sheryl - posted on 04/27/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




How can I help my son Iam so lost apart of my want to just throw his ass in jail and the other have my heart is breaking because I know it's a greater problem I just wanna help him Iam soooo torn and lost


Raye - posted on 04/27/2016




How old is your son and his girlfriend? Your son needs to learn that his actions have consequences. The girlfriend should be encouraged to call the cops on him, even if she doesn't press charges. It may make him think twice. If he keeps doing it, then she definitely needs to press charges. And she needs to be encouraged to leave the relationship. This is not healthy for anyone involved. Your son should be getting some counseling to help him with his anger management and learn how to treat people.


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Betty - posted on 05/15/2016




Hi Sheryl
I'm talking to u from experience
I was with my daughters father for 5 years
When I was 22 I found out I was pregnant I was staying with him at his,moms house i was 5 months when he beat me
And it was not the first time
Anyway he mom had went to church and camw home and saw the house f-cked up
She talked to me for about an hour..I went to sleep woke up and my sister was at the door (she lives in Cali) at the time.. his mom told me that she loves me and her grandbaby too much to see us die.. as I was leaving the police was there to pick up my daughters father in was in jail,for a,month. . I came to call because of my daughters granny .I know it was a,hard thing for her to do.but till this day i thank her for saving our lives.
I still don't know how the hell my sister for there that night
But as a,woman that went thru that i was and still ,am greatful for what she did..
Call the police of u have too..
I hope ur son's girlfriend is safe

Jodi - posted on 04/29/2016




Yep, encourage her to call the police. And encourage him to seek psychological help to manage his anger. This is clearly a toxic relationship and ultimately, she needs to leave.

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