My son was a meconium aspiration baby. Can you share any info?

Shannon - posted on 07/31/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son had meconium aspiration syndrome at birth, with moderate to heavy staining of the amniotic fluid. MAS itself is actually far more common than I expected, but I haven't been able to make contact with anyone whose baby suffered from it quite as badly as my own. I would just like to talk to someone who can say "been there, done that" and everything is ok... Hope, I guess. I've been told to expect cerebral palsey and delays with speech and motor skills. However my son comes out of this, he will always be perfect... but I still hope for the best outcome for him, obviously. Anyone?

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Tara - posted on 07/31/2010




Not me personally but a close friend had a baby with MAS, pretty severe too, was in ICU for a long time, had many breathing problems, was born completely blue and lifeless. They at first thought he wouldn't pull through at all, because he had inhaled so much of the stained fluid. It was the WORST time in her life as mom.
The little guy pulled through, they were told to expect the worst. His case was really bad and the prognosis wasn't good.
He is now a healthy happy 7 year old. He has no cerebral palsy, had some speech and language delays when he was small. He beat all the odds. Sometimes when they guess about their future they are wrong!
Your love is so strong it won't matter how this has affected him. Your love for your baby is all that matters now, he is here, he is safe and you will love him forever. But have hope, statistically speaking, more babies overcome these challenges all the time. And doctors are trained not to give false hope, but oftentimes their prognosis is just a guess based on what happened and past experiences with MAS.
Have hope, be strong and love your little man.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 07/31/2010




I cant give any personal info, but I do want to say, that a mothers love is unconditional, and nonjudgmental…no matter the outcome for your son (although I do hope the very best for him from one mother to another) he is lucky to have you, (but im sure you feel more lucky to have him) who will love him no matter what!

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