My toddler will not sleep through the night!

Marci - posted on 02/24/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 18 month little boy will not sleep through the night. He would wake up for a bottle around midnight but the past two weeks I have tried to wean him from that and it is not working. I am exhausted!!! He never liked his crib so he is in a toddler bed. Anyone have any suggestions for me. I am not into letting him cry it out, because he throws up. Thanks for your help!


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Marci - posted on 02/24/2013




thank you so much moms for your responses! Paula its nice to hear that this is normal!!! And Dove, I agree that it is more of an developmental phase of sleeping through the night more than just a behavior thing. Ok Paula I will continue to try and cut out the middle of the night feeding. It was milk but I have gotten it down too just water. He still throws a fit and looks at his bottle like, WHAT is this mom! But eventually he will take a sip and lay down and cry a little longer, but then eventually fall asleep. I do put him too bed while he is still awake, we read books and then I turn on some music and lay with him till he falls asleep. And then when he wakes up I show him his water and lay with him again till he falls asleep. I appreciate your guy's responses and it makes me feel a little better knowing that eventually he will sleep through the night and I will think WOW, that went fast!! I will try your comments and hopefully the next post is an exciting one, that he is sleeping more!!!

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Baby Help Line for 18 month baby girl ;
Tips When Young Toddlers Won't Sleep Through The Night

You know what; I'd say your little toddler is completely normal! It is very common for babies to start waking up again at night at some point between 1 and 1.5 years, only no one tells you that! There is sooo much focus on having your baby sleep through the night right from the start, but there is very little information about the fact that the probability of this continuing forever is very low.

At the age of your daughter a lot happens. They start talking or at least understanding words and communicate, they move around and they understand much more about the world than before. Nightmares are common at around 18 months, for example.

One thing I think you should do is to cut down on the night time feeding as fast as you can (if she still does get milk at night). In my experience, the habit of eating at night really is an obstacle to learning to sleep through the night for older babies.

You don't say anything about your bedtime routines, but if your girl doesn't fall asleep in her own bed, that might be something to start working on. Personally, I'm very much against the cry it out method, but rather slowly help her learn to fall asleep in her bed, by putting her down there when she is really tired and then staying with her, making it a nice moment with mom or dad; reading a book, singing a lullaby and having a back rub or a cuddle.

Ones she has learned to fall asleep on her own and the feeding is gone, there is a much better chance that she'll wake up less often.

Does any of this help your situation? Otherwise, write some more details and we'll work something out.

And maybe your goal shouldn't be to have her sleep through the night but to wake up less often. Many children wake up at night a few times per week and walk into their parents' bedroom for several years. Buy a big bed and realise that within a few years, your girl wouldn't dream of sleeping next to mom... They grow up so fast and she needs you now!

Good luck!


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