Nail painting and babies?


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because why focus on their "beauty" and buy into what the large corporations want us to do at such a young age? why not focus on other stuff like accomplishements, etc? looks are way too valued in our society. I figure it'll get them eventually, but I'd personally like to hold it off as long as I can.

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Vickie, I do see where you're coming from in regards to the commercialization from the companies and focus on sexualizing our children BUT, like everything else in life and parenting, as long as there are boundaries and it's done responsibly and in moderation, I see no harm being done.

Kayle - posted on 11/22/2010




So if you think painting nails focuses too much on beauty, does that mean you dress your kids in ugly clothes as to not focus too much on beauty? To me it's the same thing.

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Taking pride in one's appearance isn't "focusing on beauty and buying into what the large corporations want us to do"

It's a harmless, innocent bonding experience for my daughter and I. I don't JUST focus on beauty.....actually it's probably at the bottom of my priority list but I do think it's got it's place.

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Sal - posted on 11/23/2010




my girls love a bit of nail polish...and it is a good rerward for letting me cut toes and finger nails which they hate....

Cassie - posted on 11/23/2010




Joy, I had a friend whose little boy had a mohawk and each week he would dye it a different color using kool-aid. It was very cute. He was 3 or 4 at the time!

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I think as long as the child is interested in it (girl OR boy) and it's non-toxic...go for it! Then again, I'm the Momma who has a 3 year old boy with long hair. He won't be getting a haircut until he decides he wants one and picks one out. I also probably wouldn't care if he wanted a green (or any color) mohawk at a young age. It's his hair, and it grows out. Dye can be temporary. No big deal.

I'd love to see Cooper's silver toes!

Michelle - posted on 11/23/2010




Just buy the stuff for children and have at it! I've never done my daughter's but she would never let it dry... I have visions of nail polish all over my house (walls, couch, etc!!!)

Amanda - posted on 11/22/2010




I paint my daughters nails weekly and they are pretty much walking and talking. Almost 2 and 3 and 4. I've been painting them since they were about a yr. I wouldn't go much younger, since they like to put EVERYTHING in their mouths!

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I've been doing my youngest daughter's toes since she was 3 months old... It's cute and sometimes my oldest would (and still does) paint them (because yes, even back then my daughter would sit perfectly still while her toes were being painted - smart girl! lol). It's just a fun way for us girls to bond and have fun :)

Oh, and my 3 year-old is big into "I'm so pretty" but we always make sure to tell her she's pretty al the time! The other day we were driving in the mountains and she yells "Look Mommy! The mountains are so pretty! Just like me!" lol...

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agreed.also want to point out that I'm talking about infants. a 21 month old is able to say they want to do it. to me that makes a difference.

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I agree with Dana. It's not like I'm telling my kids at all that they NEED the nail polish to be pretty - I'm just using it as a fun way to bond with my daughters and it's literally the ONLY thing my 21 month-old will sit still for (well, besides food! That girl can eat! lol)! She LOVES having her toes painted just like Mommy's (we all use the kid friendly nail polish - even me). It's fun and harmless (IMO).

I also take my 8 year-old out at least once a month and we get pedicures at a salon (my hubby's best friend's mom owns one, se we get half off - woo hoo!). It's a fun "big girl" thing for us and it's just cemented our bond even more.

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I guess we just see it differently. I like the taking pride in appearance, and love the bonding experience aspect. I just worry that our girls are growing up too fast. Look at the companies that focus on sexualizing and making children look like teenagers (i.e. La Senza, disney, etc). Too soon for my liking.

Amanda - posted on 11/22/2010




have you ever put nailpolish on a styrofoam plate? It will EAT through the plate. There are extreme amounts of harsh chemicals in nail polish (which you can smell of course when you open it). I get headaches when I'm around it myself. There are safe polishes out there that do not contain carcinogens or harsh chemicals. Just do a google search and you'll find them. There are some even made from mud and completely safe for everyone, including children. Just remember - everything you put on your nails, skin, hair, teeth, etc does absorb into your body.

Jaime - posted on 11/22/2010




Nail painting on infants and kids isn't an issue for me. My only concern (as was already mentioned) would be that babies might ingest the nail polish after continually biting or chewing on their hands.

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Vickie asked, "why the hell would anyone paint a kids nails unless they asked for them to be done?!"

I ask, "why not?"

Kayle - posted on 11/21/2010




If I had a little girl she'd have he toe nails painted in the summer. Even if she was just a month old. I would ofcourse buy non toxic nail polish made for babies. And if I felt like painting her nails I'd do that too. =) I think it's super cute.

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sorry guys if i piss anyone off but why the hell would anyone paint a kids nails unless they asked for them to be done?! seriously! that said i'd do it when they asked, and sure if my son wants to then ok. why not if its fun for him. but I'd pick up a non-toxic kind.

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Thanks Toni! Surprisingly her nails are still goin' strong....bright chipped so we fixed it after swimming today.

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I have no doubt that Ethan will one day want me to paint his nails, I already have to 'put' his make-up on while I am doing mine (I only swish my blush brush on his cheeks - no make-up) which he loves. I think that when the child is old enough to ask for it it is fine and see no reason why not to do it.

Teresa doh I sat here reading your post thinking why would she only paint one of the girls...I feel stupid now of course so you could tell the difference...

DMak that is so cute, so she could be a princess I love it...out of the mouth of babes eh. I bet her nails look fab as well.

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With my 3 year-old, she was about 7 or 8 months old when I did her toes for the first time, but that was because she is an October baby, so her toes weren't peeping out before then! I just painted her finger nails for the first time this last summer (she was 2 1/2) because she asked me to (I did my 7 year-old's fingernails and she wants to be just like big sister!). I did not paint her thumbs, however, because she is a thumbsucker.

With my almost 2 year-old, she was around 3 months old the first time I painted her toe nails and I have yet to paint her fingernails (she still puts her hands in her mouth to eat)

None of my kids ever sucked on their toes as babies, so I never had to worry about them sucking the paint off. I also used kid friendly nail polish with no fumes. I really don't see a problem with it at all - besides, it's super cute! :)

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So, I asked Roxanne why she wanted her nails painted so badly and her response was, "I be a princess, mommy!".....well then.....ok! Good answer!

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I'm a certified nail technician (although I don't work in the industry anymore) and my ex used to get right bent when his son (4-5 at the time) would ask me to do his nails when I had my stuff out after doing a client. I told Mason, after I gave him a mani/pedi and painted his nails black, to go up to his dad and say, "Why do you think they call it a MAN-icure, Dad?"

It was the cutest thing ever.

Jodi - posted on 11/21/2010




I have 5 nephews, and at some point, each and every one of them has gone through a nail painting stage. Nothing wrong with it...kind of cute actually!!!! I didn't paint my daughters nails for the first time until about a month ago when she saw Nana had her nails painted and wanted "pink toes too!" LMAO, she ran into a door she was so intent on watching her toes while she walked!!!!
I don't think I'd usually be one for painting baby/infant nails, but I'm having twin girls and I'm debating painting one of their sets of toes so I can tell them apart at 2 a.m. with little effort!! We'll see!
I have no problem with it, my daughter just thinks it's fun and headbands, she never actually wears them out in public, but she LOVES to "dress up" with them...I think she sees her toes being painted as the same kind fo thing!

Stifler's - posted on 11/20/2010




I have a boy so maybe he won't want his nails done. I think whenever they can ask me to paint their nails I would.

Joanna - posted on 11/20/2010




I still won't paint my daughter's fingernails, and she's 3. I guess I've never been one to have painted fingernails though, so maybe there' something to that. She does, however, get her toenails painted about once a month, usually as a reward for being good, or just a special bonding time with me after a bath.

I don't see the problem in it though... it's something fun and colorful, all kids like colors, so as long as the polish is non-toxic I think it's fine.

Ez - posted on 11/20/2010




There is a difference between a toddler seeing mummy paint her nails and wanting to try it on a nail or two, and actually setting out to paint their toenails and fingernails. I wouldn't be bothered if Milla wanted to try some on one nail, but there is no way in hell she's getting the full deal. Firstly, she wouldn't sit still. Secondly, she is getting 2yo molars and often has her hand in her mouth down to her wrist (yes, her mouth is that huge lol). And thirdly, the idea that she needs to add to or alter herself to be pretty/attractive/good/worthy is not something I want in her head.

So, a nail or two for play, or to be like Mummy? Not a drama. But I doubt Milla will have her 'nails painted' in the official sense of the word until she's at school. I'm not really bothered what others do with their kids though. I think this is probably one of the most harmless parenting decisions out there lol.

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I don't even need to be doing mine. My child is obsessed and I'm not sure why? She's sort of a tomboy -- I never figured her for this type but lately she's obsessed with her nails and make-up. Oh GAWD, I'm not looking forward to her teenage years.

Charlie - posted on 11/20/2010




I can't do it without Cooper shoving his toes under my face going " do mine ?" LOL .

Jenn - posted on 11/20/2010




I can't say it's something I do to myself, let alone one of my kids. Now, I can't say I dislike it or am against it, but it's just not something I really do. My son has had his nails done before though - once when we were at a friend's house and her daughter was getting her's painted and he wanted to be the same - he was about 2 1/2 I guess? I think on a baby though I wouldn't like it and would go so far as to say I think it's kind of tacky.

Johnny - posted on 11/20/2010




I don't have the inclination to do it myself. It's hard enough to get her to sit still for a quick clipping. Although perhaps if I was doing mine and she asked, I might. I think any age is fine, as long as it is non-toxic (actually is, not just says so on the bottle) and they don't chew their nails. Toe nails shouldn't be a problem unless you have 'baby gumby'.

[deleted account]

Haha! "Nanny toes" -- AWESOME!

I painted Roxanne's (26 months) fingernails and toenails a matching #96, "Right turn only" red today. Base coat, two coats of red and a fast drying topcoat. She loves it and is SO proud! I'm surprised she's done so well with the fingers.

Kylie - posted on 11/20/2010




My mum painted Jack's toes pink. He loves them and points to them and calls them his nanny toes. I dont have a problem painting my kids nails when they are old enough to ask for it and choose the colour they want. My daughter hates having her nails cut, she screams and cries like I'm trying to cut her whole finger off. So now we have a "big girl" manicure and I cut and file them and the paint is the reward for co-operating.

Krista - posted on 11/20/2010




Loureen, I bet Cooper looks ridiculously cute with his silver toenails!

I'd paint their nails when they ask, basically. It's not permanent, and I'd get the non-toxic stuff. If Sam sees me painting my nails at some point and wants his done, I won't have an issue with that at all. It's fun, so why not let them take part, male or female?

[deleted account]

Before Eliza had turned 2, I went outside to paint my toenails. She followed me and watched intently as I painted. Then she started babbling frantically, pointing to the polish, my toes, then her toes. I asked, "Do you want Mama to paint your toes?" to which is replied "YESSS!" So I did them. And everytime I do mine, I do hers too. I've never painted her fingernails. Her fingers go into her mouth far too frequently for me to consider that just yet. She's never asked anyway, because I don't paint my fingernails, just toenails.

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Well, one of my girls had her toenails done the day I cut off her hospital anklet (at 2 weeks) and I kept them done for at least a month... might've been longer. I was afraid that in my sleep deprived stupor I would mix them up. lol! Other than that.... I think they were 3.

Charlie - posted on 11/20/2010




toddler is fine as long as they dont bite their nails , male or female , Cooper is rocking some silver toes right now !

Lacye - posted on 11/20/2010




it depends on the child and what their finger nails look like. If the child has nice finger nails and isn't a nail bitter, go for it! that is just too cute!

Nikki - posted on 11/20/2010




I think it depends on the child, if they always have their hands in their mouth or chew their fingernails then it's possibly best not too. I have painted my daughters once a few weeks ago, I was painting mine and she was watching, so I painted her's.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 11/20/2010




For boys NEVER….unless its for Halloween or some kind of costume…even then prob not…
For girls as early as 2mos on their toes…I have seen it, but if it were my daughter…I would wait until it fancied me to do so…whenever that would be (2mos or 8years??)

[deleted account]

I think on babies no definately not. Over the age of 1 year if people wanna do it fair dos as long as it's non-toxic. Personally I don't usually have the patience to paint my own nevermind a toddlers!

Jodi - posted on 11/20/2010




My biggest issue with it would have been that my daughter is a nail biter, and has been forever. So I am cautious as to the type of nailpolish I use on her, because she just chews it off (yep, even her toes.....I have caught her sitting on the lounge chewing her toenails - GROSS). It has only been very recently that she has stopped chewing her nails.

Anyway, I'm ok with it at any age if they want it as long as it is non-toxic :) Oh, and my daughter isn't allowed to have it at school, so it really is only a rare thing!!

Rosie - posted on 11/20/2010




i think whenever you feel like doing it. i personally wouldn't do it until my kid was prob. 8 months old and had more of that kid look instead of just baby.
i've painted my boys nails before. they've asked when i was painting mine, so i oblidged (sp?). i don't see it as a big deal.

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