Name they matter?

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Most every name has a designated 'meaning' but some people don't think about the meaning before choosing the name for their baby, and others obsess over finding the name with the perfect meaning.

Do you know what your kids names mean? Did it matter to you when picking them?

Mary means bitter, but it was and is quite popular....

Paul means small.....every boy wants to be 'small' right :/

Claudia means lame

Cecelia means blind!

Savannah means 'a treeless plain'

Caleb means dog

Cameron means crooked nose :/

Rebecca means 'tied and bound'


Merry - posted on 06/05/2011




I'm finding jacey, jacy, and Jaycee all meaning healer so I think you are right!

Mary - posted on 06/05/2011




Well, I can't believe it, but I honestly didn't consider what my daughter's full name means. I say that, because I know for a fact that my parents didn't consider it at all with my name: My first name is Hebrew for "bitter" and my middle name means "Gift of God. Thanks, mom - I'm your bitter gift of God!

I just looked up Molly's name, and am relieved to discover I didn't inadvertently do the same thing to her. Her names mean "Star of the sea" and "pure".

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Freja is a Norse goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war and umm..death. Haha. But she has a chariot drawn by cats so that sealed the deal for me.

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It is also true that children are named after family or friends and then the name takes on the personality of that person. So, the name Rebecca might mean tied and bound, but Aunt Rebecca for whom you were named might have been an amazing women that you are thrilled to be associated with.
I think, the meaning we assign is of more importance.

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I would, but I have an online stalker, so I don't put my kids' names out there - I'll PM you with them :)


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Yes, it's a soft C....and thanks! I'm so glad their names have the same meaning...that was my intention.

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Eliza means 'from the name Elizabeth'. So I looked up Elizabeth and it means 'God is an Oath.'

I couldn't find Jacie. The website suggested Jackie which is short for Jacqueline which is the femine form of Jacques which is the French form of Jacob which means 'holder of the heal.' But I named her Jacie because my husband's name is Jason and Jason means 'to heal.' Which is fitting because my husband is a nurse. Whew. That made me tired.

Merry - posted on 06/05/2011




Yeah Eric means peaceful ruler, gentle ruler, or ruler of all depending on the country of origin you look at and his middle is Ryan which is king, so I think it's a good combo for our first born son!

Brendan which is our next pick for boy number two means sword, his middle will be Paul, not fond of the meaning but it's hubby's dads name and familyntradition is first son names his first son with paternal grandpas first name as mifdle. But since matt is the second son, we will use paternal grandpas first name as second sons middle name! Confusing? Yeah but it's cool :) men and boys like strong masculine warrior type names I think :)

Nichole - posted on 06/05/2011




I think meaning matter. I look at meaning closely before I pick names.

My son's name is Lacota Ryan. Lacota = friend, Ryan = King. We named him Lacota because the meaning is cute and it's native american like our heritage. Ryan was the middle name to name him after his daddy.

My husband's name is Gary Ryan. He loves his meaning...Gary = spear, Ryan= King.... Spear King....yea, he's thinks it's awesome, ubber masculine or whatnot. He's a goof. :)

My name is Nichole Renee Marie.... Nichole=Victory of the people, Renee=Reborn, Marie=Bitter.... That's one that can lead to a lot of philiosophical thought lol.

Stifler's - posted on 06/05/2011




I loved the name Lola and didnt call my kid that because it means "full of sorrow" even though it's a cute name. I don't think names mean that much to me though. Logan means "little hollow" and Renae means "reborn" neither of which makes that much sense to me.

Dana - posted on 06/05/2011




We didn't consider the meaning of our sons name, he was without a name for 2 days, we were just happy to agree one. I

t ended up meaning "strengthened by God" which we found to be comforting since he was a preemie. Ironically he was a large, healthy preemie too! :)

Amy - posted on 06/05/2011




I actually laughed when we were building our brick patio as my son Mason was stacking blocks. Awe, living up to his name.

Some meanings may matter to some people. But also, meanings change over time. Words themselves like names, take on different meanings.

Homer used to be a great writer, now it's an idiot on a cartoon show.

Lisamarie - posted on 06/05/2011




I didn't look at the meanings of names at all when choosing for my children. My daughters name is pretty self explainatory Destiny, middle name Louise after my mum. My son, also pretty self explainatory, Tyler, means tile layer! LOL. Middle name Jaiden doesn't have a meaning. :-)

April - posted on 06/04/2011




When i was looking for a name i always looked at the meaning. I wanted something that meant something special BUT i wanted their names to be Irish and to have beautiful meanings... I had a hard time (because irish names aren't always spelled the way they are pronounced) but luckily i found two i liked.

Becky - posted on 06/04/2011




Our boys each have two middles names, and we picked one of their names specifically for the meaning. One of Cole's middle names is Matthew, which means "gift from God", which I chose because I have PCOS and thought I'd never have kids. His other middle name is after his great-grandfather on his dad's side, and Cole is just a name we could agree on. Zachary means "God remembers" and we picked that specifically for the meaning too. His middle names are after his paternal grandfather and my grandfather.

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Fray-a. It's a y-like j.

And yes, one year she will be herself for Halloween. I need to pick two of my cats to join in.

Amanda - posted on 06/04/2011




well i picked my sons name off a tv show when i was a teenager...wyatt...luckily when i met my husband and we had my son my husband thought it was a good name and so wyatt it was...never bothered with the meaning..both his middle names are after family members...for my little girl i was looking for something unique and we tried looking at everything from the month she would be born and then meanings of names but did not like the names it self and then my mother made up one (paylie) and there we go...have not found a meaning of it and i love it..her middle names are family members..:)

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My daughter's name is Lily and it means lily. LOL

My name means lace like. Eh, oh well.

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I don't think so. My son's name is Christian, but not becuase of meaning. We liked Christopher, but everybody always shortens it to Chris. Plus, he has 5 Christophers in his family, WAY too confusing. So Christian was a good alternative for us :)

*Edited to add*

We were trying to stick with a "C" name because his dad wanted him to be named after him...I didn't like that and we agreed to the same first initial and middle name as a compromise.

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My first childs name we found out a while after her birth meant fair one.She sure was that.With her pale skin&red hair.
Second baby girl we also found out from a friend that her name means beautiful..that she sure was.
I loved the names and had no clue about there meaning as i don't really care for it as long as i like the name.Just in my case the meaning fit the name perfectly.

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It depends.

I don't think most of them have meaning because how many of us really know what they stand for anyway?

However, when someone picks something relevant, widely known or obveious, yes. Like Obama we are all going to think of a president for a while now, right? Angel, Noah, Raziel? Highly obveious religious figures. But Jack and Mary? Nope. Don't sound like anything to me.

I also think names that have meaning are cool, but only if it can be directly connected easily to something.. like naming someone the Sumarian noun for 'light' because it was the happiest moment in your life sort of thing.... sure. No one is going to understand what it means though unless you tell them usually. Which can also be equally as boring.

I think associations made to names are bigger than meanings. Like Jack, and Jack in the Box. I'd feel like calling him names about Jack's Crack just because we call it Jack in the Crack. Obveiously we could easily tease people named Homer, due to The Simpsons. And when I drove past 'Springfield' in Oregon I wet my pants laughing because I didn't know it was a real town. And yet Homer was a grand poet in greek mythology. Look how far has that name degraded.......

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Rebecca would be a great name for someone into S&M! :)

My kid's name means "God heard", which is funny, considering that my husband and I are both atheists. We just really liked the name Samuel.

April - posted on 06/04/2011




My name means Flower. My son's name is Zachary, which means gift from God, David (my hubby) means beloved. All very general and kind of boring, except for Zachary who makes me believe in something because he came from somewhere extraordinary!! He is such an amazing little boy!

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My son Micah was named after his daddy. It is Hebrew meaning Who is like God?

My daughter Olivia wasn't named after any one. her name means Elf Army or olive tree.

I love my hubby's name and had no problem with having a Jr. and my daughter's name i just love. I did look up the meaning out of curiosity but that wasn't going to sway me one way or the other as I was set on those names.

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Let's see...

My oldest daughter's name is actually a boy's name in its country of origin (it means Protector of Mankind)

My middle daughter's name means Hopeful (didn't know that until now though... Hmmm).

My youngest daughter's name means Fairy Queen (our older two daughters LOVE the meaning).

My name means Bush with Red Berries... yup, that's a fun one! lol

Honestly, I don't focus on the meanings of the names ans much as I focus on how much I like the name and how it sounds...

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