Names hold POWER

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What was the Reason behind naming your child(ren) …..besides because you wanted to…that is an obvious :p and does it have a meaning??

-was it after a family member,

-a movie star

-out of the good ole baby book of names

-did you make it up???? Put a twist to it

I believe names hold POWER...and it is one of THEE most important words my sons will hear...

My son Zjimon was named after an African actor...becasue i liked The uniqueness of it, and it sounds very masculine to me…and my son is just that unique and masculine…in every sense…his name means Powerful Blood and it is originally spelled Djimon

My other sons name came to me while I was in bed and out of the blue the name popped in my head..Micah…I put a twist on it and spell it Mikah it means “One who resembles God”

I did not know that until after I chose that name and its fine with me :-)

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JuLeah - posted on 10/20/2010




I named my daughter Jasper. Jasper is a precious stone; metamorphic. It is formed deep within the Earth, when layers transform over time and with great heat and pressure.
Life sometimes gives us heat and pressure. I want my daughter to understand that it is a creation process and not to be feared.

Jenn - posted on 10/20/2010




Phillip Allan - we used his grandfathers middle names.

Shelby Elaine - Shelby was Daddy's pick from Fast & The Furious and Elaine was his Mom's middle name

Elizabeth Mary - Elizabeth is one of my middle names and Mary is my Mum's middle name.

Denikka - posted on 10/20/2010




My son is:
Torin Christopher John David (last name)
Torin means chief, he's our first born and I wanted something strong, but unique for him.
His middle names are after people who were special in our lives.
Christopher is after a very close family friend. My middle name is after him (Christina) so it's kinda after Uncle Chris, and kind after me.
John is after Torin's uncle (dad's brother)
And David is after my (practically adopted) brother and Torin's great-Uncle on his dad's side.

Our little girl (due Jan 30) will be Linnaea (pronounced Lin-nay-ya). Linnaea Lynn _blank_ (last name)
Linnaea is another name for a flower commonly known as twinflower. It's absolutely beautiful, very petite and a very light pink/white mix. Our Linnaea doesn't have a twin, but I think it will be a good fit for her anyways.
Lynn is a name that was started by my grandmother. Her name is Evelynn. She chose Lynn to be my mother's middle name, and my mom chose Lynn for my younger sister's middle name. I decided to continue the tradition. My grandmother raised me, so it felt right to honor her in that way.
We haven't decided on a second middle name for Linnaea yet, but we're looking at a few things at this point.

My name is unique, and I love it, I wanted to give my children the same thing. Both, with having multiple middle names, have many choices if at some point they decide they don't like their name, so I'm kinda leaving them with options. :)

[deleted account]

We chose Jacob Thomas. Jacob after my uncle (the only father figure I've ever known) and Thomas is a middle name my husband and his father share. I'm pretty traditional. I also have a family name picked out in case we ever have a girl. If we have another boy I'm screwed because there aren't any other male members of my family I'd want to name him after lol

Krista - posted on 10/20/2010




Our son is Samuel Kevin Andrew (I know...he has two middle names, but there's a reason for it.)

We picked Samuel because a) we really liked the name, b) it sounds good in French and English, and because of my Acadian heritage, I wanted a name that sounded good in French, and c) it had a bit of a family connection -- my husband's great-grandfather was named Samuel. As well, we love the nickname Sam. And hey, Samuel L. Jackson is a serious badass, so there's that as well.

The two middle names were chosen for another reason. Kevin was my MIL's little brother, who drowned when he was 5 years old. We thought that this would be a nice way for his memory to live on. Andrew is because I love my dad and my stepdad very much, and wanted to honour them both. Fortunately, my dad's middle name is Andre, and my stepdad's middle name is Andrew. So this was a way to honour both of those fine gentlemen.

Jessica - posted on 10/20/2010




"isaac Cox" - omg that's terrible.

Cat B- I actually really like Dakota, and Cody, but my husband vetoed them so we couldn't use them :(

Charlie - posted on 10/20/2010




Cooper Mark Ramsay Cooper we just loved and at the time had not heard of many and its the best beer in the world LOL Mark is my fathers name and we just loved how Cooper Ramsay sounded .

Harry Mackenzie Ramsay - Harry has old world charm and every Harry i know is a great person with a cheeky personality , Mackenzie is a family name from Jamies side of the family

Cat - posted on 10/20/2010




My son's name is Dakota, simply b/c its different, fairly easy, and seems like a pretty strong name... plus he can go by Cody if he ever decides he dislikes our choice... My twin girls are Hailey and Hannah, b/c I love both of those names, and b/c I wanted names that were not rhyming... rhyming twin names kinda bug me a bit... but its all personal choice... Dakota has a unique middle name, and both my girls have family middle names...

Tracey - posted on 10/20/2010




I wish people would think about how the first name goes with the surname before naming a baby. IN UK there was a DJ who named her son Issac Cox which when said aloud comes out as I suck *****

Sarah - posted on 10/20/2010




@Jennifer- I LOVE the name Holden!! Was top of my list for boys names when I was pregnant. Although we'd kinda decided that Holden Moulton sounded a bit weird! lol!!

I've heard of the film Amelie, but never seen it. Will have to give it a watch! :)

Rosie - posted on 10/19/2010




my eldests name is grant michael andrew. i love the name michael, but people would call him mike, which i loathe, so i chose to keep it as a middle name. i just like the name grant, it goes well with any age, and andrew is my brothers name.

my second boy is named vincent michael anthony. i wanted to keep with the michael theme as a middle name, and a name that started with an A for the second middle name. we like gangster movies, and vincent always comes up in movies like that, and so does anthony. perfect fit!

my youngest is named lucas michael aeron. it was so hard finding his first name. after having 2 that we liked it was hard to find another boy name. i'm not horribly fond of the name lucas, but everything i like my husband hated ( i wanted to call him vance), and everything he liked (michaelangelo-ninja turtles anyone??) i hated so we compromised on lucas. he was spencer until i was about 7-8 months along. and again with the middle name michael, and aeron was just cause it was the only A name left that we both liked as well.

anika i love your daughters name!! i am kinda partial though, lol!! my middle name is dyan, so my initials sound is KD. interesting! i was named after my great-grandmother kathryn.

[deleted account]

My son is Shawn Guillaume. His first name we chose because we both liked it and it was easy to pronounce (somewhat anyway) for my French parents. We wanted to use this spelling instead of Sean since my husband absolutely hates names that don't look the same as they are pronounced. His middle name is his godfather's first name. We wanted to keep some French roots into his name and we both like the name.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 10/19/2010




I find it fun, when you have the ability to alter a Common name…like my niece who was just born, her name is Emily…..because it’s a very common name, she spells it Emmalee…it gives sum uniqueness to the name.

My son Mikah has a very common biblical name so that is why I put the twist to it..(I know im not the fist, but none the less…its not the run of the mill Micah)

April - posted on 10/19/2010




My son's name is means gift from God and that he is!!! I chose it because it is not very common but not "out there" either.

Lindsay - posted on 10/19/2010




My daughter is Madeline Lee. We went through so many names trying to name this girl. Madeline was the first name that came to mind for me but after going round and round trying to decide, we ended up saying she was going to be Emma Grace. My cousin had a baby girl while I was still pregnant and named her daughter Emily Grace so we threw it out and started looking again. We went back to my original favorite of Madeline and tried to find a middle name. My grandfather passed away when I was between 28-29 weeks and she took his middle name. So my daughter shares a middle name with my grandfather, my dad and my oldest brother. We kept the original "male" spelling of Lee because Madeline is such a classic, feminine name that we didn't think it would be an issue. It hasn't and I really think it has more meaning keeping that spelling.

Now my son is Cooper Joseph. We had a really difficult time deciding on a boys name. It was completely opposite because while we had a mile long list of girls names, we literally couldn't agree on even 1 boy name! Josh was actually watching the news when I was in the kitchen and he said, "How about Cooper?"...Anderson Cooper was on TV at the time. I said I liked it and that was that. The Joseph came from Josh's dad, it's his first name and fit well.

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I'm pregnant with my first child and unfortunately don't know if I'm having a boy or girl. Either way, I've chosen out names for both.

Kieren Aurora James - girl

Kieren Finley James - boy

Kieren means dark or dark-haired, Aurora was the goddess of creation and the dawn, Finley means fair warrior and James is my dad's middle name.

I didn't pick the first name for what it meant, I just loved the name and it wasn't strictly a girl or boy name. I picked Aurora and Finley based on what they meant though. I chose James because my dad is my hero and girl or boy, it's going in there.

Jennifer - posted on 10/19/2010




Sarah M...when my husband and i have a daughter, her name will be Amelie, i know its a different spelling than your little girls middle name but likely the same pronunciation. if you've never seen it, there is a movie called Amelie (we are naming our future daughter after the protagonist in the movie). it is an absolutely amazing french film.

Jennifer - posted on 10/19/2010




my sons name is Holden. he's named after Holden Caulfield from the book The Catcher in the Rye. i love the book, and i love the character. when i read the book in high school i always said that if i ever had a son, his name would be Holden.

Caitlin - posted on 10/19/2010




I have a Kayla Rose and a Zoe Elizabeth..

Easy reasons why their names are that, my husband liked the name Kayla, and my middle name is Rose (part of the scottish clan Rose) so that's a great history to pass on. I liked the name Zoe, something about it sticks in my head, and I have a TON of nicknames for her (I swear she's going to think her name is Zo-zo growing up) and the middle name elizabeth is again handed down in the family, that and all the other middle names I was thinking of just REALLY didn't sound that good with Zoe.

I don't like altering a traditional spelling of names, it looks stupid to me (to each their own, no personal attack intended) and I'd like a name that is of obvious pronunciation in both english and french, though the inflections are very different. Growing up in a billingual province and having a name that just doesn't pronounce well in french really sucked.

Bonnie - posted on 10/19/2010




We named our 4 year old Mitchell. We wanted to name our son using the letter 'M' because it was after a family member who passed away. I had looked through baby name books and we didn't want anything overly popular or something that sounded silly and was a name used for something else. We names our 2 year old Alexander, not after anyone this time, but just like the name. Again didn't want to use a name that is overly popular.

Petra - posted on 10/19/2010




My partner and I are both of Scandinavian descent, so we gravitated toward names of that origin. I am a literature nerd and have always loved mythology and T is a comic book nerd, where characters often have mythological names. He had suggested Thor during early pregnancy and I shot it down immediately, but then while watching the Tour de France, Thor Hushovd became my favorite cyclist and, having a real-life basis for the name, I let it go on the list (provided it would be pronounced Tor and not Thor). I also have a cousin named Torleif, and we leaned toward this so that Tor could be the short version of his name. Given that my partner is a very large blonde and Tor fully takes after him, he is well suited to his name. Plus, it just sounds bad-ass :-)

[deleted account]

Maddyn Rebecca.... I like Maddyn because Madison or Madilynn is too common, Rebecca is after my best friend.
Lillian Jewel.....Lillie was my g-grandmas name & Jewel was my husbands grandmas name.
Scott Christopher... Scott is my brothers name & Christopher is my husbands name. :-)

Jessica - posted on 10/19/2010




Our daughters name is Peyton Ella. Peyton is of Irish background, meaning of Noble decent and Ella is English or Greek, meaning "Beautiful Fairy" in English and "Light" in Greek. Which suits her, she is my noble beautiful fairy, the light of my life! lol. I didn't actually name her for those meanings, I just wanted something not to mainstream.

Jessica - posted on 10/19/2010




We didn't pick our childrens' names necessarily based on meaning- just because we liked them. Kieran means dark, or dark-haired. We didn't know what color his hair was going to be before he was born obviously lol- but we loved the name and didn't care. As it turns out, his hair is bleach-blond, so its kind of funny! His middle name is DH's name.

We're pretty sure we're naming his brother Rowan. Again, we just like the name! Oddly enough, it means "little redhead"; also apparently comes from the rowan tree. His middle name though will either be Brock or Angelo- those are my father's/brother's and my grandpa's middle name. I guess I like for middle names to honor family somehow.

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Wyatt Robert was named after his dad and his great grandfather. If I ever get my girl she will either be named Elizabeth or Emma Michelle. Michelle is my middle name and I love the names Elizabeth or Emma.

[deleted account]

We named our son Logan for two reasons - we were having difficulty coming up with a name and during a busride went down a road called Logan Road and we decided we loved it. We then remembered Wolverine from Xmen whom we love, is also called Logan.

I personally hate nmames being passed down a family - my husband Steven's granda and dad were called James and his middle name is James, and whilst Logan James Morritt sounds nice I wasn't willing to carry the nonsense on...despite the fact my dad would have been just a bit upset, so we opted for no middle name. I don't have a middle name and tbh there's no point in having one! Steven doesn't even use his except on bank accounts etc. I also hate unusual names Apple howway...think of the child!

Sarah - posted on 10/19/2010




Well, my eldest is called Cadence Amalie. I heard the name Cadence on a film (Shallow Hal of all things!! hahaha!) and I loved it straight away, I liked that it was musical. I read the name Amalie in a baby name book, and liked it. We were going to give her the middle name of Lindsay after my Mum, but my husbands ex was called Lindsay (spelt the same too) so he didn't want that to be her middle name, so we went for our second favourite name.

My youngest is called Shia Essen. I was determined that she would be called Essen all through my pregnancy, I heard it on a TV show and LOVED it. Then someone told my husband that it was German for "meat" and we're vegetarians!!! Then his parents said they hated it too, and he really went of it.
So then I saw a poster for the film "Disturbia" on a bus, and it said starring Shia LaBeouff and I thought, "Ooooh, what a lovley girly name!" My husband liked it too, so we googled it and realised that Shia LaBeouff was a MAN!! We stuck with the name anyway though, because we still thought it was a lovely pretty name. I kinda got my own way by giving her middle name as Essen.

I like unusual names a lot and although there's no real meaning behind our daughters names, I just love them because they're unusual and different!! I don't really like weird spellings of names, or old fashioned names, but hey, it would be boring place if everyone felt the same!!

[deleted account]

We named our daughter Kate Tui.
We have a Polish surname which is unusual in our country so my husband wanted a common name so she wouldn't have to spell or correct the pronunciation of both her names (like I have to do LOL). We picked a couple of names that we liked the sound of and settled on Kate (though we mostly call her Katie). She isn't named after anyone, we just liked how it sounded. We didn't care about the meaning either (though it means 'Pure' and I do kind of like that).
Her second name 'Tui' has more meaning. It's my grandmother's name and my middle name. I wanted a Maori middle name for her. Tui are a kind of bird and we had a lot around the house where she was conceived and lived when she was a newborn. Its a beautiful bird with a lovely birdsong and I love nature so it all came together with her name.
I also like how her initials KT sounds like "Katie" which is what we call her.

I'm not a fan of naming children after people (even though I kind of did) and I'm definitely not a fan of making names up or changing common name's spelling. But to each there own I guess.

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