Nanny-cams? A 53 year old woman arrested!

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Disturbing hidden-camera video of a babysitter slapping an 11-month-old child, throwing things and handling the boy violently shown Thursday evening in Channel 4's report on a 53-year-old woman's arrest has shocked many viewers.

Perhaps no one was more shocked than the Jacksonville-area spokesman for the state agency charged with protecting children.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. She picked up the child and put him in a container," said John Harrell of the Florida Department of Children and Families. "This is terrible. This is inhumane, and its an outrage what happened to this child."

Harrell was watching video recorded by a suspicious father of the babysitter of his two young children. Police identified the woman in the video as Jeannine Campbell and arrested her on a charge of battery of a child.

The video shows the baby being slapped several times, kicked and knocked over by a ball thrown at him.

Harrell said child-protection investigator could not believe what they were seeing.

"They have, many of them, have been here for many years and they saw the video on your station and it's tough for them, emotionally, for them to watch," Harrell told Channel 4's Jim Piggott. "Seldom do we see video of a child being abused. We come in after the fact."

As tough as it is to watch the video, it is now evidence for DCF investigators involved in this case. Harrell said they are trying to learn more of what happened in the home of this Mandarin family and whether it's happened to anyone else.

"Cases like these, we want to determine was there any other abuse that happened beyond the video? When did the abuse begin? And we want see if there are any other people that may have been victims of abuse by this person," Harrell said.

He said DCF investigators will be questioning Campbell and her family.

Campbell's husband told Channel 4 that his wife had watched children for 35 years.

"Never ever any allegations like this," John Campbell said. "Never."

The pastor of Christ Church on Old St. Augustine Road, where Campbell occasionally worked helping care for children, was also very upset by what he saw on the video.

"Jeannine was not a member of the church, but would be added to the staff at times when we had more kids than we could manage," the Rev. John Sittema said. "We always take care of children with multiple adults in the room, always do background checks on everyone we hire, and she always came though on all of them."

Sittema said Campbell would no longer be working at the church.

Campbell remains in jail with bail set at $75,000. Channel 4 contacted her attorney, but he had no comment on the charges.

The DCF spokesman couldn't stop talking about what he the saw on the videotape.

"You see this and you just want to reach in and stop that person from abusing that child," Harrell said. "I was just stunned that someone could do this to a child any child, especially a child that young."

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Would you ever use a nanny-cam to spy on your childcare provider? Why or why not?

Is it okay to record people without their permission? (What about recording your teenager? Or your partner?)

What are your thoughts?


Tah - posted on 03/23/2010




i abso frikking lutely.....would spy on the babysitter.......and if i thought my kids were smoking pot or sneaking sally slutbucket in the window(my son has the 4th bedroom downstairs with bathroom) this is so upsetting to hear, you guys on here should be so glad i gave up cussing this year(or am not perfect) ..because this post would be one long bleep...i try to keep my composure and remain the person i have become in recent years....but if u mess with my kids U will see the chick that has been in the back of police cars for wilding out and I will do it proudly..i will do things that will have me arrested for attempted murder and maiming and i will probably lose my nursing license for awhile and i will flip those burgers proudly knowing i stood up for my children, people who do this stuff to kids are getting slapped on the wrist...if someone was ever able to talk me off the ledge, and i did let the court system handle it..if they said something like o she gets probabation or 2 seconds in jail..well did anybody ever see that court show when the families try to jump over the bench and get to the offender(arrow pointing to me).....i think you are your childrens advocate, this poor baby prob had brusies and was out of character so the parents took action...thumbs up and congrats for him taking the initiative to do it....i hope she gets the whole library thrown at her...i mean she has been taking care of children for 35 years, can u imagine the children she has done this to..i really don't see this being her first time if she is doing this to a 11 month old..i mean they are so small and helpless......aaarrrgggghhhhh.....

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Caitlin - posted on 03/26/2010




I have a hard time leaving my child alone with anyone, but if I did, they would be someone I trust implicitly. I don't think you should have to set up cameras just because you can or to spy, but if I suspected anything was going wrong, I wouldn't hesitate to do it, so that this person couldn't do it to any other child. Recording someone without their permission? it's your house, you can install cameras where you want, why not. I'm not going to have the issue with the teenage thing, i'm building towers for my daughters, there will be no trellis or ivy growing up it and she will NOT have long hair - so what if that makes me the wicked witch. It'll keep them safe (kidding of course)

Lisamarie - posted on 03/25/2010




I want it too! My daughter will be starting day care very soon and sounds amazing! I, for one, would NEVER let someone watch my children that I didn't know, refrences or not!! Two, If I had absolutely no other choice, I would definetely be monitering it, if we aren't looking out for our own children, who is?

And three, Tah, agree with you 100%!! LOL :)

[deleted account]

Esther: I think the webcam is such a great idea in daycare! That's sooo cool that you can turn it on and watch ur son whenever you want.......what a great tool for parents and teachers!!

Has anyone else ever heard of that?

Carolee - posted on 03/23/2010




Anybody who watches I pay to watch my kids will be monitored (at least for a while) unless it's at an actual school (where there are plenty of other witnesses). The only exceptions are certain family members... but not all of them.

Esther - posted on 03/23/2010




My son's daycare has a webcam in every classroom so the parents can watch what goes on in the room at any time. It's a service you have to pay for but I do so happily. It's not a hidden system of course, but the fact that it was offered there was definitely a factor in why we decided to send him to this particular daycare. I have no concerns about his safety or wel being at this center at all, but aside from the obvious safety aspect, I also find it nice to be able to see him interact with his teachers and the other kids, to see what they do throughout the day, if he's stimulated enough and it's a god send for our relatives who all live overseas. Both sets of grandparents have the webcam turned on all day every day (it's password protected but they got their own ID & password).

[deleted account]

I copied and pasted this from my other debating community but LOVE you ladies and would LOVE to hear ur thoughts about this? The thought of this happening to my child makes my stomach turn and is why my boyfriend and I have decided that I will continue to be a SAHM at least until my child is in school and old enuff to express herself!

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