Need help-kiwi allergy!

Merry - posted on 04/29/2012 ( 11 moms have responded )




Tonight I gave Fierna a few bites of a kiwi. I hadn't thought of it before but this was her first taste of kiwi. she will be a year old on may 10th.

Anyways she had three tiny bites and then she started coughing. Shes had a cold so I didn't think much but then she kept coughing. I thought of a possible reaction and I saw she kept coughing, not continuously or wheezing but in a span of a minute or two she coughed a lot.

So I went to go nurse her taking it could be an allergy' before I walked away I took the kiwi and wiped it on her leg by her sock. As I sat down to nurse her I looked at her leg and it was red where I had just wiped the kiwi. She coughed a bit more.

anyways, it got redder for a bit and then started going away. She also had red cheeks and two red marks on her chin.

Anyways. I think this sounds completely obviously like an allergic reaction.

I did some research and found I should watch for latex allergies and hazelnut and chestnut as well. I read she could outgrow it.."..

Personal stories? Professional advise?


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Sylvia - posted on 04/30/2012




I'm allergic to kiwifruit. Also apples, cherries, pears, peaches, plums, hazelnuts, nectarines, pecans, almonds, chestnuts, carrots, celery, paper birch pollen, and Eastern ragweed pollen. I developed all these allergies starting in my 20s -- I'd never had any allergies to anything before that. This is apparently called an "oral allergy syndrome" -- a bunch of food allergies related to a respiratory allergy. I know a couple of other people with similar complexes, who also developed them as adults. It's very weird. I'm pretty sure I'm not allergic to latex, but...

The good thing about oral allergy syndromes is that (a) they're usually relatively mild (I've only once had a reaction that was really scary) and (b) with the fruits and vegetables -- not so much with the nuts -- cooking denatures the allergenic proteins, so even the things you can't eat raw, you can eat cooked.

More info on oral allergy syndromes: (this one is the most informative but also the most technical)

Stifler's - posted on 04/30/2012




I'm sensititve to latex but not kiwi fruit. I've never given my kids kiwi fruit to tell the truth.

Elfrieda - posted on 04/30/2012




Aw, poor Fierna! That must have been scary for you. If it was me, I'd just avoid kiwis and be cautious with other fruit in the kiwi family. (I don't know what those might be, but google knows!)

My mom is allergic to bananas, mangos, kiwi, avocado, and papaya. The worst is banana, where if she eats it her eyes gel up and she can't breathe (emergency situation happens if she eats several bites of it; if she tastes it in something she spits it out and only has a headache). The others are similar symptoms, but milder. She's been growing out of it to the point where now the smell of bananas don't bother her unless they're very over-ripe and unripe mangoes are safe for her to eat, but she's 63! When I was a kid, whenever we had bananas they stayed out in the garage and we weren't allowed to eat them in the house because she'd get a headache.

So it's been annoying, but not bad like a peanut allergy. I mean, it's not like we live in a tropical country, so she just has to be careful of some fruit salads, punch, and banana bread. She has still led a full and happy life, is what I'm saying. :)

Brittney - posted on 04/30/2012




I think the youngest is 1 year to do an allergy test, another friends baby may be allergic to squash, carrots, sweet potato...and other "yellow/orange" vegetables/fruits. The pediatrician said come back at 1 year for an allergy test.

Johnny - posted on 04/30/2012




Michaela is allergic to kiwi. She gets an itchy throat and bad bum rash if she eats it. The area that touches her skin turns red. It is the only thing she seems to be allergic to. She has had no problem with hazelnuts or chestnuts (which we eat lots of at Christmas). I actually had no idea that they were related. I don't know about latex, I am sensitive to it, but I'm not sure how much exposure Michaela has actually had. Because of my allergy to it, most of the health professionals we have seen use non-latex products, so I don't really know.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/30/2012




Come to think of it, my mom also has a slight latex allergy. Not sure if they do them that young, but ask your pediatrician what else you should look for as far as allergies go. It never hurts to ask if they test that young....especially when they are showing signs of allergies.

Janice - posted on 04/30/2012




The youngest child i know to get an allergy test was 4; my friend's son. They already knew he was severely allergic to shellfish and peanuts since toddlerhood but didn't do a test until later. I always assumed that was the norm but I don't really know.

Tina - posted on 04/30/2012




I react to kiwi fruit I still eat it because I like it but don't eat much of it.

Brittney - posted on 04/30/2012




A friend of mine has a severe kiwi allergy (she was 17 years when she found out) and it makes it hard for her to breathe so she has to carry around an epi pen with her where ever she goes. I would take her to the doctor and request an allergy test (you may have to bring a kiwi) and sit down with them and talk about any other concerns.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/30/2012




My mom and I have a slight kiwi allergy. It makes our throats itch. I still eat it though, but definitely we have a slight allergy to them. I watch them with my son, but have not given it to my daughter yet. That is all I got. Just avoid kiwi's for now on and tell your pediatrician about your concerns with the kiwi, and other potential allergies tied to them.

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