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We all kind of have to take the good with the bad. There's generally at least one who is a great big pain in the arse for you or someone else. What are your neighborhoods like?

On the whole I like my neighbors. We live in a family/retiree neighborhood. We know everyone on our crescent. Our kids know a lot of the retiree's better than we do. That's mostly because they like to go around helping them with their yard work when they are outside. I love our neighborhood because of this. While we're in the middle of a city, it has a small town feel to it. Our kids play together, we exchange goodie trays and the like at holidays. I don't think we could have picked a better place to start our family. One day we will move because we don't want to stay in the city forever but for now we are happy with this neighborhood.

Of course on the flip side we have one neighbor (who happens to live next door to us) who is a racist prick. His wife is no better. We avoid them as much as possible though. This spring we're planting trees and bushes between our properties so it obscures the view. Hopefully they'll stop pestering us over the fence then too. I just hope they don't start bothering other people in the neighborhood. We have a lot of different races living on our crescent and I don't wish them (racist pricks) on any one.


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i love my neighborhood! ever since i moved to this town from where i grew up (about 20 min. away) i've loved this neighborhood. it's on the states historic registry, it's the first part of town that was populated. all the houses are huge, old victorian style houses, and chad and i just loved the charm of it. when we found a house in our price range in this neighborhood, we were so excited. we loved the house, and found out that we love our neighbors! there are alot of houses next to me that were transformed into apartments, so we have to deal alot with the apartment style living right next to us. there havn't been any problems so far, just a bunch of different people coming and going. my neighbor to the right of me also lives in an apartment house, he owns it and rents out the top floor. the man that lives upstairs is kinda creepy, but nice i guess. the man that lives downstairs (anthony) and owns the house is awesome!! he's always there to talk with, he helps around the yard without being asked to. he always does things for my kids and is just a great guy! he's full of shit sometimes, but he's very helpful and nice! most of the rest of the people of my street i havn't talked to much, but they seem nice.

there's only 1 person on the street that really bugs me and she lives in an apartment house about 3 houses down. she has 8 kids no husband, doesn't work, wears pajamas allday. her house is BEYOND messy and gross. they only have 2 bedrooms so it's very cramped for them (4 of her kids live at home). her kids are well behaved, but i feel sorry for them. she's always sending her kids up to the gas station about 3 blocks away to buy stuff with her food stamp card. she's always bugging anthony for money to buy cigarettes with, and he even thinks that she's stolen money out of his house once.she seems like a nice person, but i guess i don't like the way that she chooses to live her life. i know i'm being pretty judgemental, but come on! she could at least keep her house clean, and brush her kids hair. just because she's on welfare doesn't mean she can't take a shower.

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Most of my neighbors are nice, but the one that lives next door is a total d-bag. We've asked him several times to turn his music down and he refuses and shouts things about how often we mow our lawn (hey, it's winter jerkoff!), so we've had to call the cops on him twice. He's a dick. But, for the most part the other people in their neighborhood keep to themselves, but are friendly.

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We live out in the boonies, on a dirt road, so we only have two close neighbours. On one side, we have my in-laws, and they're beyond awesome -- the best neighbours that anybody could ever have. On the other side, there's a retired teacher who's basically a hermit. We've never seen or met him, but he keeps to himself and doesn't bother us any.

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