new haven/north haven area move from Australia!?

Vegemite - posted on 03/01/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




So we've been thinking about making the move from Australia to USA as the car industry is huge compared to here (we own a used classics car yard). Does anyone live there? I have been looking up houses to buy, Schools, local facilities-restaurants, parks, sports, entertainment, shopping and my husband has been looking into the business side of things. Is it as nice and well appointed as it seems? If the business stuff is doable I think this might be the place to go. We were also thinking about NJ somewhere around Saddle River but CT seems to be more like the place we'd enjoy living.

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Sarah - posted on 12/19/2012




Hi. Connecticut is a nice place to live. As I am from Australia, make sure you check where you want to live thouroughly. Places have changed. Some are not as safe anymore. What can I say? Classical conversations is great and my children love it!!! Is CC big in Australia?

Katherine - posted on 03/01/2011




I live in Michigan, right by Detroit. In Canton actually. Houses are very cheap right now, however the job market is a bit rough. I would look to see if Ford or Chrysler or the big three are hiring. We have some awesome parks and rec here. The schools are also very good. My daughter goes to a charter school rated #1 in the nation (or state...?) at any rate it's a nice place to be except for the crazy weather.

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