New to the group and the site.

Cheri - posted on 05/07/2014 ( 3 moms have responded )




Just introducing myself. I am new to this site and hopefully I will have better luck here than on other mommy sites where people are just plain cruel.

Anyway. My name is Cheri and I'm the proud mom of a 2 -almost 3- year old boy named Elijah.

Anyone know any good groups to join?


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Kerry-ann - posted on 05/09/2014




Nice to meet you Cheri, I'm new here also, my son Mikhail is 17mths old, a real little rolling stone, he's so active. Since your boy is older maybe you could give some tips, especially on potty training because as you know, that time is coming up. Hope u have a good experience here :-)

Cheri - posted on 05/09/2014




I joined babycenter and they were mean. Someone told me about this one when I was going to join Cafemom (is that it?) because they said that it's worse in there than on Babycenter.

I just want to talk to other people who have kids the same age as mine (he's almost 3). Maybe debate and read up on how other people do things so I can learn from other people.

Thank you for the advice. :-)

~♥Little Miss - posted on 05/07/2014




Hey Cheri, what other mothers groups have you been in and what brought you to CoM? If you are looking for groups, just type in your interests in the communities area and it will bring up a variety of groups.

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