no solid foods until a year

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what do you think of waiting to introduce your child to solids until 1 year and giving them ONLY breastmilk until then?


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If the child is not ready, or shows no interest in eating solids before 1 year, I don't see any issue. If you are purposely withholding solids when the child clearly wants them, I don't agree with that and I find it disturbing that someone would do that.

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Not the lactivists..... ;)

I've stated my personal experience before, but I'll do it again just for the sake of the post. We went out to eat w/ our girls at 3.5 months. They spent the entire time trying to grab our food and stick it in their mouths (yes, I know mouthing things is normal, but they REALLY wanted to eat our food). We called the doc and w/ his ok.... we started them on solids at that time. They loved it and never had any food issues.... still, and they're 9.5 now.

My son was acting similar at around 5 months, so I tried to give him some food. He just sat there w/ it on his tongue and looked at me like I was crazy. I tried at random from that point and he ate his first bites (of avocado) at 6 months. However, his interest in solids was so random that he wasn't eating on a daily basis til around a year and even still had some breastmilk only days (usually when sick, but not always) til around 18 months. He's still breastfed 2-5 times a day (average is probably 3) at 3 years, but all 3 of my kids eat ALL the time. They are all healthy, happy, growing, and thriving right where they should be.

Even w/ my experience of feeding early solids to the girls... I don't advocate for starting solids before 6 months. For some kids it is fine, but I think it's better to err on the side of caution. :)

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I think it depends on the child and the child's needs, frankly.

I don't think that solids should be introduced much before 6 months, unless there is a valid medical reason for it. After 6 months, I think it's a good idea to give your child the opportunity to try solids every so often. If he/she is interested and takes to it well, then great.

If he/she shows no interest in solids, but is otherwise growing well, gaining weight, has lots of energy and is healthy off of just breast milk, even if they're approaching a year old, then that's totally fine as well.

If he/she is showing no interest in solids, but ISN'T thriving on breast milk, then that's when one would need to consult with a health professional.

In other words, go by your kid's needs, not by a timetable or your own ideologies.

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Are you talking about children not being ready for solids and refusing to eat them, or are you suggesting some people hold off on purpose? Maybe because of a high risk of allergies? Personnally I think go by your kid's cues, make sure she is developing fine and all will be good. My daughter didn't show any interest until after 10 months and I didn't loose any sleep over it.

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You're brave..... lol

Waiting to introduce solids til a year? Nope. Worrying about whether or not they EAT those solids til a year? Also nope. :)

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I didn't b/f put my second child refused all soilds up to a year.She was super healthy but it took time for her to master how to eat without throwing it back.She got it and shes doing good.Not a big eater but shes healthy.

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I think it depends on the child, but I would never do that. It takes time for a baby to get use to solids and different textures. It's not something that is just done overnight.

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91 I have no known one little boy who chose to do this himself for some reason (and there was certainly no lack of thriving...maybe my cousin has particularly potent milk), but my kid would have been grabbing our food off the table or screaming for it.

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I think krista is right, every child is different, what works for mine might not work for yours. They will let you know. My son at 3 1/2 months was up to 50ish oz of formula( i tried BFing for 8 weeks with little sucess), so i tried giving him some rice cereal, he wasnt interested. I talked to his dr and she said wait and try again, as long as hes growing and healthy no real concern. But i knew my little guy wasnt satisfied. I waited a few days and tried some 1st stage carrots, he loved them. Hes 5 months now and loves to eat, any veggie or friut, when he sees the bib he squeals and coos and opens his mouth. I know some will trash me for feeding him so young but i know my son, he is happy and healthy, still his main source of food is his formula, but he loves eating solids and is more satisfied. You know your child best, even better than the drs or other mothers, listen to your baby, they let you know for sure! Good luck

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No, Jessica, the "anti-lactivists'. Oh they'll say they're not "anti-lactivists" but, they always show up to rail about stuff like this. ;)

I actually think it's good to wait until 6 months while you FF/BF but, to wait a whole year, nah. There are some babies that don't like the texture or want to chew before the age of one but, for the most part they do want to. So, I say let them learn when it's safe, after 6 months.

Jessica - posted on 06/03/2011




really? I guess the lactivists are going to insane over it, aren't they?...

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